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How many times have you woken up on New Year's Day, only to realise you forgot to send out the customary well wishes to friends and family the night before? Or made a mental note to send someone special a birthday or congratulations text in the next few days, and then just never got around to it? 

It’s happened to the best of us, but fortunately, the solution to these problems is here.

Do It Later  

Do It Later is one of the most popular scheduler apps available for Android. It's simple to use: designate your recipients, type your message, select the date and time and save. 

You can even choose to repeat the message - if you need to remind colleagues of a weekly appointment, for example. The app can be set to ask you before it sends, in case you want to cancel. 

It does more than just SMS: in the settings, you can log into five different platforms — Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, and Twitter — and use Do It Later to schedule updates and messages on your feed.

Download: Do It Later for Android.

Scheduler for WhatsApp 

Scheduling WhatsApp messages on your Android phone is simple with the help of this handy app.

Once you have downloaded and opened the app, it will ask permission for superuser access. Once this is granted, it automatically proceeds to the app. There are two icons at the bottom which you can toggle between the pending and sent messages.

To schedule a new message, go to the pending messages and tap on the new message icon. Enter the recipient’s contact number - you'll find all your WhatsApp contacts in the list, and can add multiple contacts if needed. You can also choose to send a group message. Write the message you wish to deliver and enter the date and time for the scheduled message. Easy! 

Download Scheduler for WhatsApp for Android.

Text Timer 

Text timer for iOS is for text messages only, which means it doesn’t support scheduling posts for social media platforms or email. All you have to do in Text Timer is tap the 'Compose' button to choose the date and time you want to schedule your message for, choose the recipients from your contacts and type your message.

It’s simple, clean and most importantly, it works - and, it’s free.

Download Text Timer for IOS.

Please note that the app may be free to download, but you will need data to download and use the app. Buying data bundles on Vodacom Online is quick, easy and affordable, and a surefire way to make sure you've got enough data on your smartphone. Simply log into My Vodacom to buy data bundles » 

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