Do it yourself
    13 January 2015


    How to share with Vodacom

    There are many ways to share the benefits of Vodacom with your friends and family, whether it’s sending airtime or keeping track of their expenses. Here’s how.

    From paying for their contract to sponsoring their calls, there are several ways you can share with Vodacom.

    Airtime Transfer 

    You can recharge another Vodacom account from your cellphone – with no voucher needed. If you're on Contract, the amount just gets added to your bill; Prepaid customers will have the amount deducted from their airtime.  

    If you’re on Contract or Top Up, you’ll have to activate the service – just dial 082 135 and follow the prompts. Transferring airtime is free, and you can transfer as little as R2.

    To transfer airtime, log in to My Vodacom, Dial *135# and select ‘Airtime Transfer' or dial 082 1200 and select ‘Airtime Transfer’.

    Data Bundle Transfer 

    Frustrated that your sister hasn’t checked that gossipy WhatsApp you sent her? Or watched that amazing YouTube video? Transfer a data bundle to her smartphone so that she can.

    Data Bundle Transfer is available to all Vodacom customers – like Airtime Transfer, Contract and Top Up customers will have to activate the service. Prepaid and Top Up customers can only transfer bundles worth up to 80% of their airtime balance – so to transfer a bundle for R99, you’ll need at least R120 airtime on your phone.

    Data Bundle Transfer is free, and bundles cost from R25 for MyMeg 30. You can transfer via My Vodacom or dial *135# and follow the voice prompts.

    Call Sponsor 

    Another free service, Call Sponsor allows your family and friends to use your contract to pay for their calls and SMSs to selected numbers.

    You can sponsor up to six different Prepaid or Top Up customers, who can in turn make calls or send SMSs to up to six numbers on any network. You can't sponsor data or MMS.

    The service is free and you can keep track of the calls and SMSs on your itemised bill – just look under ‘Sponsored Calls’.

    To register, go to My Vodacom or call 082 1200 and follow the voice prompts.

    Link numbers to your Vodacom account 

    Vodacom allows you to have several numbers linked to your account – so even if you or your family have several phones and devices, you’ll still only receive one bill.

    To be responsible for someone else’s bill, you’ll have to take the contract out in your name. If you just want to keep an eye on your family's spend, you can keep track by adding their numbers to your My Vodacom app. Follow the easy steps on the Vodacom website to add numbers to your account.