04 February 2020

    Lauren Goldman

    How to track your baby's development

    From birth to five years of age, here's how to track your child's milestones.

    For the most part, babies develop at their own rate, but there are certain moments all parents can look forward to at certain ages. Here are four apps that can help you keep track of your baby's development to make sure he or she is happy and healthy.

    CDC's Milestone Tracker App

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US launched an app that monitors your child or children's developmental progress from the age of two months to five years old using an interactive checklist. Photos and videos show what you can expect from each development stage, from playing to walking and talking. You can also keep notes and find out when there are warning signs that may indicate you need to consult a professional.


    CDC Baby app

    The CDC's Milestone Tracker App is available for free on iOS or Android.

    WebMD Baby App

    Do you remember those embarrassing baby books your mom would whip out when your friends came to visit? Think of this as the digital equivalent. WebMD's baby app allows you to capture and record your baby's milestones. Plus, you can sync your phone with your family and close friends so they can share those special moments in real-time! In addition to milestones, you can also track feeding sessions, sleep patterns and diaper changes, as well as access numerous articles and videos from experts.


    WebMD app

    The WebMD Baby App is available for free on iOS or Android.


    This social networking app connects moms around the world. You can chat with other women who are going through the same thing you are and be reassured that what you and your baby are experiencing is absolutely normal. Or get a second opinion if you're in doubt. And, if you and another mom really hit it off, you can even take it offline and organise a mom-on-mom playdate!


    Peanut app

    Peanut is available for free on iOS or Android.

    Mum & Baby

    Vodacom Siyakha offers all parents and parents-to-be access to the zero-rated Mum & Baby site. This means you can get stage-based pregnancy information and advice in the form of educational articles, videos and more – completely for free! In addition to this, you also get three weekly SMSes to update you on your pregnancy.

    Mum & Baby

    To find out more about Mum & Baby, powered by Siyakha, click here.

    Header photo by Brandless on Unsplash

    Lauren Goldman