22 July 2016


    Improved Video Play app

    Video Play provides quality entertainment at an affordable and easy-to-understand price plan, and the app has just been updated.

    Vodacom's Video Play app is an affordable way to watch videos on mobile – designed to reduce costs and help you manage your spend.

    The Video Play app has recently undergone some updates and improvements:

    • A stylish new black colour theme.
    • Premium look and feel.
    • There's a new recommendation engine to help you find more of what you like. 
    • The navigation is more user friendly.
    • You can invite friends to download the app and share the experience.

    This clever app uses spare capacity on the Vodacom network to download and cache selected video content at a reduced cost.

    Once you've installed the free app, you'll be able to watch a wide range of the best local and international content from producers like eNCA, eTV, Urban Brew and MobiTV on your phone.

    Control how much data you use

    Rather than billing you per unit of data, Video Play bills in minutes, not megabytes, making it easier to control and manage your spend.

    Unlike other video apps that use a lot of data, for example a 10-minute YouTube video can use roughly 150MB. However with Video Play, you buy and use prepaid video bundles of minutes. There are currently three options available: R1 for 5 minutes, R2 for 10 minutes and R5 for 30 minutes.

    Downloading a three minute video on Video Play will cost you just that, three minutes will be deducted from your available minutes. No additional data charges are incurred. Pay for what you watch and nothing more.

    It costs just R5 for 30 minutes of video – that's enough for about 10 of your favourite music videos or an episode of your favourite soapie.

    Content is constantly being updated and refreshed on Video Play. You can subscribe to eNCA and receive dailyfree news bulletins. You can also watch your favourite music videos both local and international artists for only R1! 

    How it works

    You can pre-select the content you want to watch and it will be downloaded during low-demand periods, usually overnight. Once it's on your device, you can watch it offline as many times as you like without using any data.


    Vodacom Video Play is currently available to download at the Vodacom App Store free of charge. You will not be charged any data for downloading the app, or browsing if you are a Vodacom customer.  

    Download Video Play here »