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The travellers

Handle: @Afribird 

Bio: Telling stories from southern African countries in pictures and words.

By: Husband and wife pair, journalists Joël Roerig and Di Tipping-Woods.

Followers: 398

Features: Amazingly crisp and beautiful wildlife photos (the couple live in Hoedspruit in Limpopo, and brushes with their local fauna are of the safari variety); snaps of their local birdlife with informative captions; the very rare portrait of their gorgeous toddler daughter; and images of the people and places they encounter on their frequent travels throughout southern Africa.

The celeb

Handle: @Elanaafrika 

Bio: Mommy! Mom-trepreneur, Television and radio presenter. Celeb golfer, tasting chef, winemaker

By: Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp

Followers: 16.2k

Features: Fun pics of the ever-smiling, ever-upbeat host of the Expresso Show rubbing shoulders with SA A-listers; supporting the Bokke and the Kaiser Chiefs; doing her thing on set; and cuddling her baby daughter. This is a light, fluffy account that gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of a hard-working young celebrity's life.

The fitness instructor

Handle: @Indieyogalife 

Bio: Creativity, good vibes, yoga and self love. South African yoga teacher + illustrator, living in London.

By: Ché Dyer Yoga

Followers: 3 784

Features: Loads of videos of Ché pulling off complicated yoga poses and progressions, with how-to info for getting there yourself; her cute, quirky, original illustrations featuring 'Yogi Jade', interspersed with the occasional hand-written motivational poster; and a healthy dose of humour in all her captions. Her down-to-earth style and homemade, improvised backdrops for her videos make this account one of the easiest to follow for fitness inspiration, especially if you're looking to use yoga as a means to a fitter body and stiller mind this year.

The entrepreneur

Handle: @Lady_Bonin 

Bio: Loose Leaf Tea sourced from across the world and blended in Cape Town, South Africa. Farm to Cup. Ethically Sourced. Mindfully Purveyed.

By: Jessica Bonin

Followers: 945

Background: Jessica started her business Lady Bonin's Tea selling tea out of a caravan five years ago. Last year, the business won the 2015 Small Business Awards run through Cape Talk, Jessica won Top Entrepreneur 2015 in the Agri-Processing category awarded by the Western Cape Government and Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, and she placed second in the Cap40 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in December last year. 

Features: A plethora of pics of tea steeping, brewing, being poured and enjoyed. Her captions give small sips of information about the health benefits and sourcing process of each different variety - and her passion for her product is tangible. Her travels to the East for expos and sourcing result in eclectic images of the tea business and life in general in countries where teacups runneth over with ritual, pleasure and health. 

The foodie

Handle: @Thetablefood 

Bio: The Table at De Meye Farm / Stellenbosch weekends are made for long lazy lunches

By: Jessica and Luke Grant

Followers: 3 197

Features: Lusciously colourful photographs of the fresh produce sourced from the farm by chef Jessica and her husband Luke as they prepare beautiful, sharing-style restaurant meals on pretty, mismatched crockery. White ramekins lined up, filled with yoghurt panna cotta and passion fruit, and fig leaf ice cream, and meringue; armfuls of leafy cabbages; half a spinach-and-cheese tart with sour cream pastry and rocket salad; a bowl of blushing strawberries waiting to be turned into jam ... Pics like these show a strong focus on local, seasonal, fresh ingredients.

The journo

Handle: @Gussilber  

Bio: None

By: Journalist, author and script-writer Gus Silber

Followers: 2 832

Features: Gus's photos are lovely, but it's his captions that are a real treat. With every picture, he weaves a story about a place in time, a moment in history - whether it's an image of Zwelinzima Vavi at a march, a shark's egg on a beach, the logo on a tin of syrup, or the view from the top floor of Ponte Tower. He's got an eye for the little threads that make up the fabric of a life, and a sense of history that allows him to share the bigger, more significant details about where South Africa is and has been. A must-follow for Jozi-philes.

The South African Instagram community

Handle: @Igerssouthafrica  

Bio: The official account for the Instagramers South Africa Community. Managed by @garethpon, curated by @mediamandean. Tag #SouthAfricaLetsMe to be featured.

By: Instagramers South Africa

Followers: 10k

Features: Pictures from Instagramers from all over South Africa, beautifully curated to reflect as many different viewpoints and lenses as possible. There's some excellent wildlife shots, cityscapes by night, patriotic images of our waving flag, landscapes of our skies, mountains, seas, roads, farms, paths and people. Follow this account to get your daily dose of Mzansi love, and if you hashtag your pics showing what South Africa lets you do, you may even get featured, and you'll get to say hello, thousands of new followers.

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