06 February 2020

    Lauren Goldman

    Instagrammers we love

    These are the Instagram accounts we're following this year.

    One of the many wonderful things about the internet is its ability to connect us to the things we love. So, in the spirit of Valentine's, we listed the Instagram accounts that capture all things dear to our hearts.

    For the love of sport

    Calvyn Justus

    Closer to home is this South African swimmer, who regularly shows off his trim physique to his 62.3K followers. Whether you're following him because you're a fan of his work or whether it's because you're a fan of his close-ups ... there's no judgment here.

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    Serena Williams

    This tennis superstar is one of the most-followed sportspeople on Insta – and with good reason. We love that she's a real woman 100 per cent of the time and that her biggest highlight is clearly being a mom.

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    For the love of pets

    Doug the Pug

    There is absolutely nothing that could not be cured by a glimpse through this adorable pup's feed. Whether he's being served pizza or is just chilling in a box, his facial expressions say it all!

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    Juniper Fox

    We obviously can't all own a fox, so staying up to date with Juniper is the next best thing. Juniper and her sibling, Fig, were born in captivity and appear to have the happiest life with their adoptive family.

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    For the love of travel

    Li Chi Pan

    South African photographer Li-Chi has flown far from the nest and is now based in Australia. She still makes regular visits to her homeland, though, and captures it all on her Insta, along with shots of Paris, Greece, New York and more.

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    Beautiful Destinations

    This Insta is not only about stunning places; they also promote sustainable travel, making for a really inspirational feed. From Brazil to Amsterdam and from Milan to China, their posts truly are beautiful and will bring out the wanderlust in you.

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    For the love of books

    Book Fairies South Africa

    The Book Fairies really are magical. You can follow them as they leave books all around the country for you to find, take home and read – for free! You can also follow the international account (Book Fairies Worldwide) and the account for your specific city if you're in Cape Town or Durban. Recently, they even collaborated with Emma Watson to hide signed copies of Little Women all over the world – including in SA!

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    Book Bento Box

    Inspired by the Japanese bento box, this feed is filled with images that look like a Japanese meal laid out – with one twist. The centre of each meal is a book. The images are lovely to look at and the range of books they cover means there is bound to be something for everyone.

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    For the love of food


    If you're looking for dinner inspo, this is the feed for you. From easy weekday meals to more challenging recipes, the Food24 feed is filled with yummy creations for the home cook.

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    There is only one word to describe Ida's feed: delightful. Every dish tells a story – whether it's of frolicking bunnies, a dancing woman or a tennis-playing pineapple.

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    For the love of family

    Fashion Dads

    Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know you can't choose your family. Just be glad your dad isn't proudly parading his poor fashion choices on Insta. Or is he...?

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    Baddie Winkle

    This grandma is unlike anyone you've ever met before! Her colourful outfits, pink lipstick and bio – 'stealing your man since 1928' – make us laugh out loud and we can only hope we'll be as fab as her in our golden years.

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    Header photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

    Lauren Goldman