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Breaking down the stigmas that are still attached to LGBT+ is all about creating a culture of diversity and acceptance. As the Executive Sponsor of Vodacom SA’s LGBT+ Community, Chief Officer: Vodacom Consumer Business Unit Jorge Mendes is responsible for fostering a working culture that allows for an inclusive environment. Find out how Vodacom embraces LGBT+.

LGBT+ Policies at Vodacom

As an individual, Jorge believes our differences are the only commonality amongst us all. This progressive mindset helps drive authentic diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. In this video, he explains how the organisation approaches its plans for the Vodacom LGBT+ Network.

The LGBT+ Network

Jorge believes that driving progress is only possible when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes. This is how he and his team are working to change policies and procedures for both consumers and Vodacom employees to break through gender bias and create a culture of openness and acceptance.

Support for LGBT+

The Vodacom LGBT+ Network supports a number of organisations that are driving change in inclusivity and diversity because change happens when we’re all involved. Jorge talks about how this works.

Engaging the LGBT+ Network

Practical, interactive training and workshops help Jorge drive change to create a diverse and inclusive working environment. But he believes that it's about more than doing a course. It's about understanding, engaging and supporting.

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