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Did you know that the My Vodacom App has put all your favourite features in one convenient place? When you open the app, there is a Just 4 You bubble on the home screen, and here you will find a range of special offers such as Double Your Data, Shake Every Day, and Just 4 You Bundles. The Just 4 You offers are based on your usage of airtime, SMS and data, which means you can get more of the content you love, and preferential rates on airtime and SMS bundles. 

You can also purchase double-your-data bundles to save on data costs. Get a 10GB x 2 once-off data bundle for R599, or a 20GB x 2 once-off data bundle for R999. That works out to R25 per gigabyte.

How it works

  • Get the My Vodacom App (iOS or Android)
  • Open the app and click on the Just 4 You button on the welcome screen.
  • To buy customised bundles, click on Just 4 You Bundles.
  • Select the bundle you want to buy, and click Buy to confirm.
  • The bundle will be added to your bill, and you will receive an SMS to confirm the purchase.

Get the My Vodacom App

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