How To
    18 November 2021


    Keep Cyber Safe This Black Friday

    Keep these tips in mind when shopping online this Black Friday.  

    Black Friday is a great time to surf for bargains, but don’t forget to protect and safeguard your financial and personal info while you shop. 

    Only shop on safe & secure websites 

    Transacting only on secure websites – indicated by a security (lock) icon in the browser and https in the IP address – reduces the risk of your private information being compromised. 

    Don’t use public Wi-Fi networks to shop online 

    Public Wi-Fi is convenient but it’s not secure, which puts your personal and financial information at risk of compromise. Always use a private or secure Wi-Fi network. 

    free wifi

    Secure your passwords 

    Use unique and strong passwords for every account. Using the same or similar passwords across multiple online accounts endangers your security and plays into the hands of potential fraudsters. 

    Beware fake websites 

    If an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Unusually low prices or offers of free stuff could be a red flag that you’ve landed on a fake site; be cautious and compare prices before you transact. 

    Phishing emails 

    Don’t fall for phishing emails. Ignore and delete suspicious messages from unfamiliar sources with offers of amazing deals or claiming there’s been a problem with delivery of your package. 

    Use two factor authentication (2FA) 

    Having only a password provides only one layer of protection – 2FA enhance your security and should be used where available. 

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