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It's no secret that our smartphones and tablets can carry more than a few germs, making it important to give them a proper clean every now and again. But how should you be cleaning your smartphone or tablet? Here are some top tips on keeping your mobile device clean and healthy.

Clean hands, clean phone

Remember that keeping your phone clean won’t matter much if you have not been practising good hygiene in other ways. So remember to wash your hands regularly. This helpful reference shows you the best and most effective way to clean your hands to stop the spreading of any germs,

Wipe away the dirt

As advised by brands such as Apple and Google, using a 70% alcohol wipe is the best option for cleaning your phone. These wipes can be used on all the exterior surfaces of the phone such as the display and rear casing, avoiding any openings on the phone (headphone ports, speakers, etc).

Give it a wash

You can also clean your device with a bit of soap and water from the kitchen. This is especially useful for larger spots or smears that may have appeared on the screen or elsewhere. Start by making a mixture of dish soap and water (but don't dunk your phone in it as this could cause serious damage). Then dip a cloth into the solution, before wringing out. The cloth should only be damp so that no excess water gets into the phone, especially if it’s not waterproof.

Stubborn dirt

You may notice sometimes that there might be some sand or grit/grime stuck in the speaker or charging port of your device. The simple solution here is using sticky tape. Just cover the speaker grill, port and creases and then roll it up slowly. Never try to scratch or buff dirt out of the phone as it might push it in further and cause damage.

If there are smaller holes that don’t work with tape, a vacuum or toothpick might do the trick.

Don’t forget the phone case

Cleaning advice doesn’t just go for those that are getting hands-on contact with their smartphone. If you’re using a phone case then you should be just as diligent with cleaning it, particularly if your phone case doubles as a purse to store your cards and money. On the whole, the same tips apply to your case as your phone, but in some cases, you may have a bit more freedom. Ensure that you always remove the phone case from your phone before cleaning it.

Cleaning advice varies depending on the material of the case you have. Here are some tips below on keeping the various types of covers germ-free:

  • Leather – To clean these types of cases, use a damp cloth with a mild hand soap and water solution on it. You can also use a mild cleaner with the cloth to get stubborn stains out.
  • Plastic, rubber and silicone – Soak the case in a solution of dish soap and warm water for a few minutes. If you have any stubborn stains, you can gently scrub a toothbrush on them to try and get them out. Dry the case with a microfibre cloth.
  • Wood – Contact with water can deteriorate the wood over time so use a dry microfibre cloth regularly to wipe these cases down.

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