Keep Your Phone and other devices charged During Loadshedding With A High-Capacity Power Bank
21 February 2023

Nafisa Akabor

Keep Your Phone and other devices charged During Loadshedding With A High-Capacity Power Bank

Your devices will run for days with these high-capacity, fast-charging power banks that can handle multiple devices at the same time.

Need a robust solution to keep your laptops, smartphones and tablets charged during rolling blackouts? Here are our top picks for high-capacity and fast-charging power banks. 

Belkin BoostCharge 20K

The new Belkin BoostCharge 20K power bank is big enough to take you through multiple bouts of rolling blackouts in a day – and then some. It offers an additional 20 000mAh of battery life and if you’re plugging in a MacBook, it supports a fast-charging 30W USB-C port. It also has a 12W USB-A port to get you juiced up in no time. The power bank promises up to 77 hours on your phone, and 28 hours on an iPad. Included in the box is a USB-C charging cable. 

Anker PowerCore Elite III 87W

The Anker PowerCore Elite III power bank has a huge 25 600mAh capacity that can charge four devices simultaneously from 2 x USB-C ports, and 2 x USB-A ports. Its 87W high-speed charging port can recharge laptops and other high-end gadgets, but when all four are used at once, the maximum output is 78W. If you have a 65W wall charger, the power bank can recharge fully in just over two hours. It comes with a USB-C charging cable and travel pouch. 

Romoss Zeus PEA60

The Romoss Zeus power bank has a massive 60 000mAh super-high capacity that is built to last for days. It supports QC3.0 quick charge that works with Samsung, Huawei, and Qualcomm protocols. It has three inputs, which means it can be recharged via USB-C, micro-USB or a lightning cable. It also recharges up to three devices at once and has a LED display to battery capacity. In addition, the Romoss has built-in safety features to prevent overheating and short-circuiting. The device weighs 1.32kg. 

Winx Go Ultra PD 100W

The Winx Go Ultra power bank offers a whopping 100W power delivery for fast-charging laptops. If powering your MacBook or Ultrabook is important during load shedding, this is the one to get. It has a 20 000mAh capacity, 2 x USB-A ports, and 1 x USB-C, which supports charging up to two devices on the go. An LED battery indicator sits on the side, and it weighs just 372g. The Winx Go comes with two charging cables, a Type-C and USB-A to Type-C. 

Snug LED Digital2 PD

The Snug Power Delivery LED power bank packs in 20 000mAh of battery capacity and offers 18W fast charging. It uses lithium polymer technology, which lets smaller cells hold more charge with a higher output, hence a smaller design. The power bank has 2 x USB-A ports and 1 x USB-C and charges three devices simultaneously. It’ll charge a smartphone eight times, making it ideal for fast-charging iPhones and Android. There’s an LED display in the front to monitor power levels. It comes with a USB-C cable. 

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Nafisa Akabor