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Vodacom Now!

As the name suggests, the BlackBerry Classic revives traditional BlackBerry features and combines these with all the advancements of the BlackBerry 10 (BB10) operating system.

It's all about the keyboard

While it's not the first BB10-powered device to include a physical keyboard – the Q5 and Q10 both had keyboards and touchscreens – it's the first one to include a keyboard with all classic navigation keys: call receiving and call ending keys, touchpad, back key and menu key. This means that you can control the phone without using the touchscreen much, which will appeal to long-term BlackBerry users.

One of the main reasons BlackBerry fans loved their old BlackBerrys so passionately is that you can type extremely quickly using its keyboard. If you spend hours on your phone typing messages and sending emails, and remember the good old BlackBerry days, you could be tempted by the Classic. 

Faster and better

BlackBerry is calling the Classic an upgrade of the Bold 9900 experience featuring a faster browser, 60% more screen space and 50% longer battery life. Plus you can download apps via the BlackBerry World as well as Amazon Appstore.

We can confirm that the BlackBerry Classic will be available from Vodacom from R399 per month on a Smart S contract or R6 819 on Prepaid. 

Look out for our full review, coming soon.

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