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    05 February 2017


    Kickstart back to campus with NXT LVL

    These nifty tech tips, and Vodacom's exclusive NXT LVL offers, will make going back to varsity a breeze.

    These nifty tech tips, and Vodacom's exclusive NXT LVL offers, will make going back to varsity a breeze.

    Here we bring you tips, tricks, tools and incredible discounts and rewards that will make 2017 the year you dominate with tech. 

    Up your game with these simple tips


    • Have to dash off to class but your phone's about to die? 
      Switch to Flight Mode to drastically reduce the amount of time your phone will take to charge. You won't be able to send or receive messages or calls, or get online, however, because Flight Mode switches off all the background processes that make these things possible.
    • Keep getting distracted when you're working on your computer or your phone? Want to be more productive? 
      Use a tool that helps you measure your digital life, like RescueTime, which runs in the background of your PC or mobile and gives you an accurate picture of how you spend your time. It lets you set alarms that will alert you when you've spent too much time on Facebook, for example, and allows you to set study goals. Plus, it's free! Sign up here.
    • Working on a group assignment that you need to share them with your classmates? 
      Don't rely on your computer hard drive and email for collaborative tasks. Get your head in the clouds, with free cloud-storage tools like Google Drive and Dropbox. You can all work on the same document together, and everyone who's got access to it will get notifications of any changes you've made. And, not to tempt fate or anything, but if your computer gets stolen or broken, you'll still have access to your assignments and notes, and can view them from any device. 
    • Need to protect your devices from viruses? 
      Of course you do! Academic networks are infamously unsafe, so you'll need some hardcore antivirus software, like Vodafone Protect, plus some common sense  (don't open any email attachments or click on any links in emails that look suspicious, etc) to protect yourself and your device from baddies.
    • Want to save money on your phone bills? 
      Doesn't everybody? As a varsity student, you're eligible for some epic discounts through Vodacom's NXT LVL. Keep reading, and get ready to save!


    Switch to NXT LVL and start slaying

    Between keeping in touch with your crew, job hunting online, researching stuff for your assignments and keeping your social media fans and followers up-to-date on what's going on in your life, do you feel like you're always running out of data?

    Then you probably haven't switched to NXT LVL, Vodacom's exclusive solution for our Youth customers. We'll help give you the best start to the academic year, and the rest of your life, by giving you the best value deals on data bundles, pretty sweet rewards, and access to the latest music and videos.

    If you're under the age of 25, you qualify to join the NXT LVL fam. How? Just dial *128# and change to the NXT LVL Price Plan for free!

    What you'll get with NXT LVL

    Break the internet and share the love with your mates with these NXT LVL data bundle deals:


    • R5 for 50MB + 50MB night owl data PLUS a free 50MB for a friend
    • R12 for 250MB + 250MB night owl data PLUS a free 50MB for a friend
    • R89 for 500MB + 500MB night owl data PLUS a massive 100MB for a friend.

    Start spoiling yourself with dope rewards:


    • Discounts on fashion through Edgars and Jet;
    • Discounts on food;
    • Discounts on movies through Ster-Kinekor; and
    • Discounts on stationery through CNA

    Deezer Freemium

    Enjoy FREE access to Deezer through Vodacom’s NXT LVL music channel, and get selected playlists with the hottest beats. To qualify, you need to be a NXT LVL customer and remain on the NXT LVL tariff. 

    Deezer Premium

    Get a Deezer Premium subscription on Vodacom NXT LVL for half the price (only R29.99/month)!  Enjoy ad-free music, unlimited skips, and save data with offline features.

    Vodacom Video Play

    You can also download the Vodacom Video Play app for free and start bingeing for only R14.99 per month. You can download as many videos as you want without worrying about data because you won’t be charged for it, and enjoy a high-quality, buffer-free video experience.




    Behold: the NXT LVL Smart Plan

    Sign up for a NXT LVL Smart Plan, and get 1GB anytime data, 1GB night owl data and 30 minutes' talk time for only R129 per month, SIM only. Add a phone, and pay just R219 per month.



    Join the LEVELs revolution

    Vodacom brings you a unique currency that lets you connect with your squad the way you want. Use your LEVELs for data, voice calls or SMS.

    1 LEVEL buys you 1 minute talk time, 1MB or 1 SMS on Vodacom to Vodacom numbers.

    2 LEVELs buys you 1 minute talk time or 2 SMSs on Vodacom to other numbers.

    Start a squad

    With MYSquad, you will get 90 minutes' talk time to any 5 of your NXT LVL buddies for only R6. R6, 90 minutes - how amazing?

    Get ahead

    Careers: With NXT LVL, you'll never use data to surf online for a job ever again. Your Careers search will be zero-rated, so you won't use any data, whether you're just looking or you're applying and then following up on your application. Start looking »  

    e-school: Bring your A-game by brushing up on your lessons on the zero-rated e-school site, which offers learning materials, quizzes and homework questions for Grades 4 to 12. Start learning » 

    Become an NXT LVL Discover Graduate: Vodacom is always looking for passionate, driven, ambitious graduates who are going places. Take the first step in your career with us, by applying to become one of our NXT LVL Discover Graduates. Apply now » 

    Want to switch to NXT LVL and start trending? Go to Vodacom Online to find out more »