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A significant way to connect with someone is by being able to speak the same language. Even being able to share a few phrases can open up a new point of connection and friendliness.

We all know it is not easy to learn a new language, especially when you are an adult, as it can take a lot of your time and you will need a fair amount of commitment. Why not get your family to join you? Having study buddies can help to ensure you stay on track.

There are great online tools you and your family can use to learn a new language. With this being Heritage Month, you can learn some phrases of a language from another South African culture.



With this free app you have a selection of nine languages to learn which are Zulu, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Setswana, Venda, Swati, Sepedi, Tsonga and Ndebele. The design of the app is simple but this allows for it to also be relatively easy to navigate. The lessons are structured into modules with various lessons in each module for you to work through.


Learn Zulu in 5 Days - Conversation for Beginners


For a quick way to learn some useful conversational Zulu, these videos on Youtube called Learn Zulu in 5 Days take you through a list of 300 of the most common expressions and words. This crash course is a cool way to start your new language learning journey as it gives you a very good foundation of the Zulu language. 

Mzanzi Kids

Android / iOS

This language learning app is for children between the ages of 2 - 6 years. It was designed to stimulate visual, speech and language literacy skills at an early age by understanding basic everyday concepts and highlighting the correct pronunciation of speech in six different languages; English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Sepedi and Setswana. The use of images and phonetics makes this app really great for children to learn with comprehension and appreciate the diversity of languages used by South Africans daily. 

maznsi kids

Our culture and language diverse nation make for a beautifully colourful country. In celebration of Heritage Day this month, broaden your knowledge of other cultures here in South African. 

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