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Being proudly South African means different things to different people, but what rings true for many of us is our love for our heritage and what that represents in our unique families. 

This Heritage Month, take that one step that will ensure you leave behind a legacy your family can be proud of. Get up to R2 000 000 life cover and you will receive 20% of your premiums back every 5 claim-free years. Let your family inherit your legacy of love and a secure future.

With years of experience and credibility protecting South Africans' valuable possessions and covering them in case of death or disability, Vodacom knows how important it is to provide for your loved ones. There are some amazing benefits to taking out life cover with Vodacom:

  • Get cash back. You get 20% of your payments back every 5 years if you don’t claim and all your premiums are up to date.
  • Affordable cover. From as little as R125 per month, you can get R200 000 cover. Premiums are customised to your personal profile and circumstances.
  • Easy to sign up. You can get an online quote in 1 minute, and be covered within 30 minutes. Do it before your lunch break is over.
  • No medicals. There's no need to go for full medical examinations. All that's needed is a quick (and hopefully painless!) blood test, which you can do when it's convenient for you.

Find out more about life cover from Vodacom » 

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