Let Vodacom Assist You With The You Cybersecurity Needs
07 December 2023


Let Vodacom Assist You With The You Cybersecurity Needs

To prove how easily regular cyber security can be bypassed, we hacked three top South African radio stations and caused havoc

In a recent series of cyber security activation stunts, our team with the help of insiders at the radio stations undertook a daunting task—simulating security breaches at three major radio stations, all happening at the same time during their respective breakfast shows, to highlight the vulnerabilities we all face in the digital age.
To push the stunt even further, we cloned the voices of 3 key members of the station to highlight how easy it is to get fooled by a voice you thought you knew.

Here's an inside look at our eye-opening stunts.

Kaya FM: The Deceptive Email

At Kaya FM, where unsuspecting systems fell prey to a cleverly disguised phishing attack. Using a fake email, we posed as the station manager, enticing Sol and Sizwe to click a link that compromised their system. Listeners were shocked as they heard a voice that sounded like Sizwe’s complaining about being fired over email, of course it wasn’t the real Sizwe. The reactions from Kaya FM's listeners ranged from disbelief to concern. Listen to the clip below.

East Coast Radio: Unsecured Wi-Fi strikes

At East Coast Radio, where we exploited the risks of using unsecured public Wi-Fi. Hacking into Darren Maule’s device on a public network, we gained access to the radio station's systems. The hack prompted discussions on the dangers of public Wi-Fi usage without the required security and reinforcing the crucial need for secure connections, especially when handling sensitive information. Darren was dumbstruck after hearing a voice that sounded like him speaking over the airways while the station fell into disarray.

Listen to the mayhem inside their radio station.

Heart FM: The Malicious WhatsApp Link

At Heart FM, we leveraged instant messaging as our way in. A link was sent through the stations WhatsApp comments line, leading to the compromise of the station's systems. To add a twist, we sent a voice note firing the main DJ Aden Thomas, using  the Managing Director, Renee’s voice. The stunt not only emphasized the vulnerability of communication platforms but also showcased the precision of voice cloning technology.

Remember, Threats Never Sleep

These activation stunts remind us that cyber threats never sleep. As our world becomes more interconnected, so does the need for robust cybersecurity solutions. We urge you to turn to us for cutting-edge cyber security solutions. From email encryption to secure Wi-Fi practices, we're here to ensure your business remains secure and stays productive.

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