Business tech
    11 August 2016


    LG G5 and LG X Cam: Innovation meets design

    From covetable curved smartphones to add-on Friends, LG is known for taking Android smartphones further than ever before.

    If you're looking to upgrade your Android smartphone, two business-worthy options from LG should catch your eye. 

    The flagship LG G5, with its speedy processor, long battery life and handsome design, is an impeccable choice for anyone wanting to conduct business on the fly. Read more about why the LG is a solid enterprise choice in our article.  

    And now, LG has introduced the X Cam - and you get more than meets the eye. Apart from dual cameras, it’s packed with powerful hardware that easily keeps up with the top-of-the-range LG G5.

    Are you looking for premium performance at a great price? The LG X Cam might be just the thing, and it comes with a few surprises to delight and inspire.

    Powerful and light

    This is no middle-of-the-range phone: the X Cam packs an octa-core processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB on-board storage. The result is that apps load quickly and the phone stays super responsive, no matter what you throw at it. With the microSD card slot, you can add storage to take care of documents, photos and music.

    At 118g, the X Cam comes in almost 40g lighter than its big brother, the LG G5. Most of this weight saving comes from using a stylish plastic shell around a metal frame. They’ve also been clever with the glass: it’s shaped to feel solid in your hand, but slip easily into your pocket or laptop bag.

    Plenty of real estate

    Let’s get down to business. While you might have fun with the camera, the phone really comes into its own when using productivity apps. The screen is big enough to navigate around a spreadsheet, and the on-screen keyboard leaves plenty of space for you to read your next email as you type it. The screen has a pixel density of 424 ppi, meaning the 5.2-inch display is sharp, bright and beautiful to look at.

    Excellent features at a great price point

    With phones competing at such a high level, it becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd. The LG X Cam gets it right by combining innovative camera technology with a powerful processor and stunning display. It’s a great companion to your everyday life, whether you’re closing your next business deal or snapping pictures on the beach.

    Five reasons to love the LG X Cam

    • Excellent battery life
    • Android’s latest operating system, Marshmallow
    • Premium 13MP camera, with an additional 120° wide-angle camera at the back for stunning panorama shots
    • Delightful high-definition screen
    • Powerful processor keeps apps running smoothly