Love Your Phone But Want Those Contract Benefits? Here’s How To Get Them
09 November 2023


Love Your Phone But Want Those Contract Benefits? Here’s How To Get Them

Our phone is your baby, but you’re tired of running out of airtime and data. Here is a solution where you can have contract level talk time and data, while saving on the bill by not taking a device.

Want to supe up your existing device with contract-level benefits such as monthly minutes, texts, and data? Then a SIM-only plan is a perfect solution for you.

As the name suggests, this plan is for just a SIM card. You don’t get a new phone in your plan, but the SIM comes loaded with data only or data and minutes on it (deal-dependent of course). Just pop your SIM card into your phone and you're good to go.

What is SIMO?

A SIM-only plan is a monthly contract where you get minutes, texts, and data without a device. If you already have a phone, then this is the ideal option for you. SIM-only contracts are more affordable than your standard contracts because you are not paying for the phone.

Using SIM-only Data During The Holiday

Going on vacation this festive season? You may be away from your trusted Wi-Fi. But you can still stay connected with a SIM-only plan. With this, you can take your monthly data with you wherever you are. Plus, the SIM card can work in any device so if you’re somewhere where there is a router, you can use it in there and share WIFI for everyone.

Using SIM-only for WFH

A SIM-only plan is also great for working from home. It can be your main source of connection or as a back-up during loadshedding. This can also replace the need for Fibre/LTE or just help you when your connectivity is down or slow and you need an alternative for important work duties.

SIM-only plans are also versatile, with packages that meet every data need. Whether you are a light or heavy internet user, we have a plan to suit you. If you only use the internet for everyday little tasks like checking the news, scrolling Facebook and online banking, you can go for a package starting from R99 per month.

Using SIM-Only Data for Your Whole Family

A SIM-only plan is a smart way to keep your family connected without the hassle of multiple phone contracts, bills, add-ons, and upgrades. All you must do is decide on a data plan that will suit your family’s usage, your pocket, and your needs. From streaming, gaming, messaging, calling, or just surfing the net – you can choose a plan big enough for all of you to share.

If you need an affordable and flexible way to stay connected these holidays and beyond, a SIM-only plan might just be the thing you are looking for. Shop for a SIM-only deal this Black Friday and check out hot device deals on tablets and laptops, here.