15 January 2019

    Chana Boucher

    Make extra cash with your side hustle

    Looking for a way to bring in some extra income? Thanks to these websites, moonlighting is becoming more accessible.

    Times can be tough in SA. Costs are rising, salaries are not, and the majority of South African consumers are increasingly under financial pressure. If you're lucky enough to have a steady job, you can still make life a little more comfortable by taking on extra work in your spare time. One way to make life a little more comfortable is to take on extra work in your spare time. But where to find it?

    A number of sites have been developed to help companies connect with people who hold the skill sets they need for a particular job. With everything from nursing to accounting, writing, architecture and web design covered, you might just find the side hustle you need for some extra cash.

    Here are five platforms to try:

    1. Nomad Now: Developed in South Africa for South African freelancers, Nomad Now lets you create a profile for free and advertise your services as well as availability to potential clients. Should your profile match a client’s needs, they will be able to contact you directly. A bonus is that Nomad Now handles the invoicing on your behalf, so you’re guaranteed payment within 30 days of completing the job. In return Nomad Now charges (and deducts) a 4% fee of the revenue generated.
    2. Fiverr: While the site works in US dollars, it’s open to anyone offering absolutely any service. ‘Be creative! You can offer any service you wish as long as it’s legal and complies with our terms,’ the website states (some ‘sellers’ have taken this to heart offering services including relationship advice and screaming for 20 seconds). It’s free to sign up with Fiverr, and you keep 80% of each transaction.
    3. Upwork: With an impressive list of clients including Airbnb, Microsoft and Dropbox, Upwork is a platform that co-ordinates hiring for short-term tasks, recurring projects and full-time contract work. You need to create a profile and then apply for work advertised on the platform.
    4. Errandworld: Called ‘Uber for errands’ this site makes it possible for South Africans to register as ‘runners’ and earn cash by completing errands for others (known as ‘erranders’). Errands include anything from standing in queues, transport or picking up groceries to designing a website. Erranders can advertise what they need help with and runners can bid the amount of money they expect in return for taking on the task. Errandworld facilitates payment into a digital wallet and takes a 15% fee in return. There is also an app available on Android.
    5. The Freelancer by Contently: If you’re a content specialist, you can build a portfolio on Contently, which finds any work you’ve done online and automatically pulls it together for your profile. Should your skills match the needs of Contently’s clients, you’ll be matched up for future jobs.

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    Chana Boucher