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If you don’t have fibre yet – what are you waiting for? It’s rolling out all across South Africa, and it’s the best way to connect your home to high-speed, reliable internet. There’s so much you can do with an uncapped line – this is what your life could look like on fibre.

It’s 2019. We are sending people into space, but for some reason, I can’t download my emails? Vodacom Fibre isn’t your ticket to another planet, but it does bring your internet connection up to speed. Welcome to the future, where websites load fast and you can watch your favourite ShowMax shows without buffering. If you plan in advance, you can even take some of the benefits of fibre with you when you leave home. Read on for our top tips on making the most of your awesome fibre connection.

Stock up on podcasts, series and movies

Your Monday commute will look so much different once you have fibre. Subscribe to your favourite podcasts, and set them to download when you’re on Wi-Fi. As soon as you’re home, your phone will start downloading recent episodes.

You can do the same with ShowMax. (Ed’s note - we feel we don’t need to say this, but please don’t watch a series on ShowMax while you’re driving.) Just download the series and movies you’d like to watch on your phone and tablet, and turn your commuting hell into some well-deserved downtime.

Exclusive mobile offers

When you’re on Vodacom Fibre, you get access to exclusive offers on mobile contracts, and even TVs and laptops. When you sign up, you can add a mobile contract, or you can check the Vodacom website for exclusive deals.

Faster web browsing

While it’s great to be able to stream videos and download games to your heart’s content, the web is where the magic really happens. We’ve become so used to websites loading slowly, or pictures loading long after you’ve finished reading the story. With fibre, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly you browse the internet.

Multiple connections

Play music in one room, download software in another and look up recipes in the kitchen, all while the neighbourhood kid is streaming past seasons of Game of Thrones in your living room. With fibre, you don’t need to chase the kid away – let him watch.

Unlimited streaming

With an uncapped connection, you also don’t need to worry about managing everyone’s data consumption. Big files such as series and games are a breeze to download, and the fair usage policies are in place only to block people who abuse the network.

VOIP telephone

With Vodacom Fibre, you can also add a VOIP telephone line with call bundles. This works in a similar way to Vodacom’s mobile packages. For example, you can get 250 minutes of anytime talk time for R135 / month.

To get started, visit Vodacom Fibre today. Vodacom customers get exclusive offers on mobile deals, easy self-service, and access to 24/7 support. If you know Fibre is coming to your area soon, check the page regularly. You might also be eligible for Interim LTE access, which gives you 100GB for R599 per month while you wait for fibre.

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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