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    01 February 2019


    Make this year 20-Mnandi with Just 4 You!

    Make this your Super You Year with Just 4 You!

    The main task of any phone has always been to help us communicate with others. But today's cellphones can do so much more – you can watch your favourite series, make video calls and browse social media while you stand in a queue. We understand that everyone's needs are different and that's why we have Just 4 You. Using sophisticated machine learning, Vodacom is able to provide deals that are tailored specifically to your needs. So if your preferred method of communication is WhatsApp, you could get incredible data deals with Just 4 You. Or if you prefer a simple phone call, you can receive personalised voice bundles to keep you talking for longer.

    Just 4 You offers are available on USSD and the My Vodacom App. Simply tap the Just 4 You button at the bottom of the My Vodacom App home screen to see your available offers. You can also view important account information even before logging in. Download the My Vodacom App or dial *123# and take advantage of incredible data, voice and other offers created Just 4 You.