Managed SAP on AWS: ERP power for the Cloud Era
06 November 2023


Managed SAP on AWS: ERP power for the Cloud Era

Many have wondered whether such a singular enterprise application could transition into the cloud era.

SAP has been a foundational enterprise application for decades, setting the standard in enterprise resource planning and managing business processes. Many have wondered whether such a singular enterprise application could transition into the cloud era. Yet SAP is excellent in the cloud, and through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Vodacom Business, it's never been more straightforward to migrate or adopt.

Cloud vs ERP

Enterprises value their enterprise resource planning software (ERPs) for supporting their customer businesses and the unique IP, data, and processes that have developed inside them over the years. Every ERP is unique to its business—those businesses would collapse if their ERP disappeared.

Yet, traditional ERPs don't fit into the cloud world. Cloud technologies mean companies no longer have to own software and servers, or use large enterprise applications that could be difficult (and risky) to update and modify. In contrast, traditional ERPs are big, cumbersome, and typically run on company-owned hardware.

Are companies forced to choose between their ERP or joining the cloud era? Not if they use Managed SAP on AWS.

SAP, the world's leading ERP provider, has modernised its software for the cloud. Now, companies can use SAP in the cloud as a managed service, relying on AWS and Vodacom Business to migrate, adapt, and manage this powerful ERP for any organisation.

Harnessing the Power of Managed SAP on AWS

The challenge of running and managing a SAP ERP can be challenging, often requiring dedicated resources that could be better applied to other strategic business initiatives. This is where Managed SAP from AWS and Vodacom Business comes in, offering a strategic partnership that alleviates the operational burden.

Managed SAP is a managed hosted SAP solution tailored to suit your business needs. As a managed service, you get all the benefits of AWS and Vodacom Business: expert teams running your ERP, continually aligned to your business requirements and strategy. With Managed SAP, you enjoy the full benefits of Cloud computing with the highest levels of application service agreements and the lowest total cost per application.

Migrating to Managed SAP on AWS creates substantial business advantages. Companies retain all the benefits and investments of their SAP ERP while agility, innovative technologies, cost savings, limitless scalability, and systems integration. Powered by AWS, a managed SAP ERP enjoys consistent uptime and high-level performance without bleeding the business with surprise payments or unused resources.

Vodacom Business unites SAP and the cloud

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and an advanced-level SAP-certified provider, Vodacom Business provides a comprehensive and tailored managed SAP solution—not just software but the business, migration, and process expertise to achieve your SAP goals in the cloud.

Don't stay behind in the old mode of business technology when you can enjoy the cloud's many advantages. And don't leave your SAP ERP behind. Enjoy all the power of your ERP and none of the management of surprise costs headaches. With Vodacom Business' Managed SAP solution powered by AWS, you can have the business world's best ERP on the leading cloud platform.