Managing your content services
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17 July 2020

Megan Ellis

Managing your content services

Need to manage or unsubscribe from WASP, add-to-bill, or V-Live content services? Here are the ways Vodacom customers can do this.

While you can unlock many perks and services through your mobile provider, having control over the content you’re subscribed to is also incredibly important. Whether you want to save money or just aren’t interested in a service anymore, there are ways you can unsubscribe from or change them.

Here’s a look at how Vodacom customers can manage their content services, from WASPs and VLive to your “Add to Bill” options.

How to view and unsubscribe from WASP Services

Wireless Application Service Providers (WASP) are companies that can provide services and content to customers to their phones, usually through SMS or MMS messages. These are the services that can send you ringtones to download, daily horoscope SMSes, news updates, and more.

While they can be useful, users sometimes unknowingly subscribe to WASP service or want to stop receiving content. As a result, it’s important to be able to view and unsubscribe from WASP services.

If you have a Vodacom SIM card, you can dial *135*997# and select option 1 to see which services you are subscribed to. You can also select individual options from the list if you want to unsubscribe from a specific service.

If you want to unsubscribe from all services, dial *135*997# and select option 2. However, this will cancel your Add to Bill services too (which we explain more about under the Add to Bills section).

You can also SMS the words “Stop All” to 31050 to cancel all WASPs.

How to view and unsubscribe from V-Live services

While WASP content services usually come from third parties, Vodacom Live (V-Live) is Vodacom’s platform for content subscription services. These services include a variety of bundle types, such as games, chat services, or once-off purchases. Access to V-Live is exclusive to Vodacom customers.

You can find out more about these services on the Vodacom Live website.

To view your V-Live subscriptions, you can log into the V-Live portal on the website to manage your subscriptions separately. You can also unsubscribe by dialling *177# on your phone, choosing ‘Next’ and selecting ‘Unsubscribe’.

View and unsubscribe from Add to Bill services

Add to Bill services are subscriptions from a variety of companies and providers that you pay for via your Vodacom bill. For example, you can add a Showmax or Spotify subscription to your Vodacom bill if you’d rather pay for these services through one central bill without needing to share banking or credit card details.

You can subscribe to video and music streaming services, as well as pay for app store subscriptions and games subscriptions like the Xbox Game Pass. These subscriptions are deducted from your Vodacom account, added to your monthly bill, or deducted off your airtime balance.

You can cancel these subscriptions in the individual apps you have subscribed to. For example, you can cancel your Showmax subscription in the Showmax app.

The Google Play Store and Apple App Store also have subscription management tools where you can view and cancel subscriptions. You will be able to view additional services that you are subscribed to on your My Vodacom App or website when you log into your account.

There’s also the option to bulk unsubscribe from all services by dialling *135*997# and selecting option 2.

Manage content services in VodaPay App

If you want to look at all your content services and manage them individually, rather than visiting different platforms, use the VodaPay App. After logging in, select the ‘More’ tab from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Under ‘My Account’, select ‘Content Services.

Here you will see all your current subscriptions to WASP services, V-Live, and add to bill services. You can choose to deactivate individual services or deactivate them all. There is also an option to block all future content services from being added to your account.


Megan Ellis