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    09 October 2018


    Microsoft Azure: A digital approach to business

    Take advantage of the cloud more quickly with minimal risk to your organisation with Microsoft Azure from Vodacom. 

    Vodacom, the first telecommunications company in the market to launch with a full Microsoft Azure package earlier this year, is expanding its digital footprint with the launch of Microsoft Azure in KwaZulu-Natal today. The telco’s offering of the world’s top public cloud platform will bring with it expert professional services through a co-sell partnership with Microsoft for SAP Customers.

    Microsoft Azure is an industry leading cloud platform that offers versatile, powerful and scalable solutions that are tailored for efficient business operations.

    By equipping businesses with the Azure platform, Vodacom’s customers can benefit from the cloud platform’s ability to auto-scale based on load and schedule. This does away with having to predict how a business will grow, or whether there is a requirement for extra resourced for short-term bursts of traffic or transaction volume. Azure will load a business’ applications as a cluster that allocates an application to a specific set of processes. The result? Applications that do not run off a single server and thus will never run out of server capacity.

    Not only that, but Vodacom’s Azure model is simple to adapt and offers a host of application building blocks and services that will allow the telco’s customers to customise the cloud according to their need. Aligning with Vodacom’s bespoke offerings that are tailored to suit customers’ needs.

    The launch of the cloud platform will provide solutions aimed at addressing the issues currently being faced by customers’ businesses. Vodacom customers will have access to professional services, provided by experts who will be readily available to provide the best approach and solutions on the platform to allow customers to maximise on efficiencies and save on costs.

    Speaking at the event, Vodacom Cloud and Services Executive Head, Grant Tate said: 'We’re proud to announce that the cloud service that 90% of Fortune 500 companies trust with their businesses is partnering with South Africa’s best network provider. The cloud is transforming how businesses consume IT today, by offering consumption-based resources and services that can scale up or down, as needed.

    With Microsoft Azure from Vodacom, our customers will now be able to save time, money, and effort on workloads, back-ups, disaster recovery, and security management. In line with our vision to enable and accelerate business transformation, Vodacom is excited to announce that Microsoft Azure is now available on our portfolio.'

    Microsoft Azure will enable businesses to modernise their offerings and fully digitise their processes and workflows, optimising business efficiencies and data security. The cloud service allows for a more agile and automated approach that will give enterprises who use it a more effective and efficient approach to their operations.

    This is yet another step into the future of digital transformation for Vodacom, equipping businesses in South Africa and Africa with the necessary tools to stay on par with the latest products available in the market.


    Take advantage of the cloud more quickly with minimal risk to your organisation with Microsoft Azure from Vodacom.