Be Datawyze
    05 July 2019


    More game time, less mobile data

    You might think gaming using mobile data will chow your gigabytes, but there a few things to watch out for if you want to stay within your usage limits.

    Although you might think gaming using mobile data will chow your gigabytes, an hour’s play can use as little as 60MB. You just have to be smart about what and when you play. If you want to maximise your playing time, keep these four tips in mind.

    1. Downloading new games is one of the most data-intensive tasks you can do online. New 'blockbuster' titles can swallow more than 50GB of your precious data.
    2. Try sticking to single-player games if you’re low on data. Multiplayer games usually use more data than single-player games because as you interact with other players, the game exchanges data with a server.
    3. That said, even single-player titles exchange data over the internet whenever you’re playing online. This can mean quick checks that use a tiny amount of data or data-hogging patches that add features and fix bugs. Because the size of a patch can vary from a few megabytes (for a simple bug fix) up to dozens of gigabytes (for additional content), check the size of the patch before you download. 
    4. Turn off automatic downloads and updates. This means games won’t update in the background, devouring your data at the same time. Watch this short video to find out how to turn off background data to ensure your phone isn’t downloading or updating without your knowledge.

    How to save data

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    Header photo by David Grandmougin on Unsplash