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As the new year begins and children return to school, technology can help make managing busy schedules easier. From devices that help get work done on the go to safety solutions for kids, here’s the must-have tech that your children can use in the new year. 

Simple phone for kids: Alcatel 2008G

Even if your child is too young for a smartphone, you may want to give them a phone they can use in the case of an emergency or when you need to get in touch. The Alcatel 2008G is a useful feature phone for this purpose. Find out more about the device on Vodacom’s Alcatel 2008G store page.


Budget tablets for homework and learning 

A simple tablet can help your kids access learning apps and complete homework on the go. Having a digital device is especially important if your children’s school gives out digital assignments. 

A budget tablet is portable and durable, allowing your kids to complete their work easily at aftercare or at friends’ houses. These devices also aren’t as fragile or expensive as laptops, making them a great solution for children and young teens.

Have a look at Vodacom’s tablet deals to see which one best suits your needs.

Safety device for kids: V-Kid’s Watch

If you’re worried about your children and want to be able to check that they’re safe while you’re at work, you can use a safety tracking watch. 

The V-Kid’s Watch uses a SIM card to send the wearer’s location to the TCLMOVE app during the day. It also includes an SOS button in the event of an emergency. It provides a useful way to make sure young children are safe without requiring them to carry a phone. You can find out more about the V-Kid’s Watch on Vodacom's website.

Worried that your new devices will be damaged or stolen? Have a look at Vodacom’s Device Insurance options to make sure you’re covered in the event of accidents or theft.

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