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    07 October 2021

    Tarryn Temmers

    Must-See Documentaries On Netflix

    These documentaries give insight into the lives of some of the world’s most famous people.

    Between the series and movies, get a thought-provoking and sometimes controversial view into these celebrity lives on Netflix this month.  

    Michael Schumacher

    “Schumacher” (2021), the documentary about the Formula 1 legend, features rare interviews and previously unreleased archive footage. It paints an intimate portrait of the seven-time world champion, who still suffers the effects of a severe head injury sustained in a skiing accident in 2013. This is the only film supported by his family.

    Caitlyn Jenner

    “Untold: Caitlyn Jenner” (2021) showcases an extraordinary collection of never-before-seen archival footage, including reels of newly discovered footage and home videos from the Jenner family. Jenner, former holder of the world record in decathlon, traces her life from winning Olympic gold in 1976, to making the decision to transition, to her relationship with her children. In a remarkably frank and clear-eyed way, she reveals who she was then, and who she is now.

    Britney Spears

    In “Britney vs Spears” (2021), journalist Jenny Eliscu and filmmaker Erin Lee Carr investigate the pop superstar’s fight for freedom from restrictive, court-ordered curatorship. The documentary features exclusive interviews with lawyers on both sides, as well as confidential evidence and commentary from investigators and confidantes. This film is particularly topical following the most recent news that her estranged father, Jamie Spears, has been suspended as her curator after 13 years.

    Quincy Jones 

    “Quincy” (2018) is a bio-documentary about the music legend from his youth and encounters with racism in his early years as a performer, to his roles as industry visionary, father, record producer, musician, producer, and songwriter. This intimate portrayal is co-directed by his daughter, Rashida Jones.


    “Bikram: Yogi Guru Predator” (2019) explores the dramatic rise and fall of Bikram Choudhury, the controversial founder of hot yoga, which became a global health craze. The piece shows how  Indian-born Bikram moved to the USA, founded his yoga empire and exploited many of his female students, who had revered him as a teacher and leader. Some of these women recount their disturbing experiences. By the time the documentary was made, Bikram had fled the USA to evade criminal charges brought against him, and to escape his creditors.

    Travis Scott

    “Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly” (2019) puts viewers in a front-row seat of the rapper’s up-and-down life leading up to the release of his third and Grammy-nominated album Astroworld and its effects. Featuring live concert footage, studio collabs, flashbacks to his childhood, and interviews with his fans, this is an exclusive chance to understand how one of music's most dynamic superstars made it to the top.

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    Tarryn Temmers