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    27 November 2019

    Sinikiwe Mbangi

    Must-watch series on Showmax Mobile

    With Showmax Mobile, you can watch TV series whenever, wherever you want to this summer. The only question now is: what are you going to watch?

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and if there’s one thing that gives us pleasure in this festive season, aside from family, of course, it’s our entertainment. With so much variety of local and international series on Showmax Mobile, we’ve got four of the best shows that have to make your list. 

    1. Godfather of Harlem

    In the early 1960s, infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson (Forest Whitaker) returns from 10 years in prison to find the neighbourhood he once ruled in utter shambles. With the streets controlled by Vincent 'Chin' Gigante and the Italian mob, Bumpy must take on a ruthless crime family to regain control while forming an alliance with radical preacher Malcolm X. 

    2. Trackers

    A gorgeous diamond smuggler, a once-affluent housewife-turned-journalist, a domestic terrorist and a former cop transporting rhino horns all walk into a bar… Okay, not really, but you catch our drift. This locally produced gem tells the story of a diverse group of people who find themselves entangled in a psychological maze stretching from Bo-Kaap to the Karoo. 

    3. The Real Housewives of Johannesburg

    No list is complete without the Housewives, and the ones from Jozi are just what the doctor ordered. It’s more drama, more sass, faster cars and bigger mansions. And more bubbly, the bubbly never stops flowing.

    4. Watchmen

    This is one for the sci-fi fans out there. The Watchmen are a group of masked vigilantes who have been outlawed because of their superhero skills. After a white supremacist group attacks a police force, the remaining officers take to wearing masks to protect their identities. This allows the superheroes to join forces with the police, unbeknownst to those who outlawed them.

    A festive summer with Showmax

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    Header photo by Giftpundits.com from Pexels

    Sinikiwe Mbangi