MWC Barcelona 2024 Showcases The Latest Mobile Tech
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15 March 2024

Nafisa Akabor

MWC Barcelona 2024 Showcases The Latest Mobile Tech

More than 101 000 attendees from 205 countries flocked to Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024 to check out innovations in the mobile ecosystem. Nafisa Akabor takes us through the most popular. 

While there was much talk around artificial intelligence (AI) at this year’s MWC, electric vehicles (EVs), robots, and unusual gadgets drew big crowds: 

Honor’s AI eye-tracking feature 

All eyes were on Honor’s AI eye-tracking feature, which can tell the difference between a quick glance and an intentional look. The feature launches on the Magic6 Pro smartphone and lets users go into the notification screen, called the Magic Capsule (like Apple’s Dynamic Island) without opening apps. Honor went a step ahead in Barcelona and let us play around with its AI eye-tracking feature by controlling a car. Using my eyes, I could start the car, move it forward or backward, and then switch it off – in a controlled environment. Makes for an exciting future, don’t you think? 

Xiaomi’s SU7 electric vehicle  

Not what you expect from a phone maker, but Xiaomi’s SU7 electric vehicle made its international debut at MWC. The SU7 EV is part of Xiaomi’s Human x Car x Home ecosystem, which runs on its HyperOS platform. The SU7 Max has a 101kWh battery developed by Xiaomi, which promises up to 800km of range. It can go from 0-100km/h in a staggering 2.78 seconds and has a top speed of 265km/h. Sounds impressive but there’s no confirmation if it will be sold outside of China. 

Motorola’s Rollable Concept Phone 

Motorola’s Rollable Concept Phone introduces a new form factor; it doesn’t fold, and there’s no crease. With a fabric back, it attaches itself to a magnetic strap on your wrist and acts like a smartwatch. Motorola didn’t share any tech specs, but you can play two-player games on it and have the wallpaper match your outfit. Right now, though, I’m not convinced I need my phone strapped on my wrist. 

Robot dogs from Tecno and Xiaomi 

Tecno debuted an AI dog called the Dynamic 1, and Xiaomi showed off version 2 of its Cyberdog, which admittedly, is less terrifying than the original with no face! The updated, colour-changing Cyberdog 2 can dance, do backflips, and according to Xiaomi, make its own decisions. Meanwhile, Tecno’s Dynamic 1 can navigate stairs, shake hands, jump, and responds to commands from an app. While equally fun and terrifying to look at, neither company is anywhere near levels of mass production, which isn’t a bad thing as far as I’m concerned.  

Samsung Galaxy Ring 

After teasing a Galaxy Ring at the S Series launch in January, Samsung showed off the wearable at MWC. It tracks things like your heart rate, respiratory function, sleep, and activities. The smart ring’s biggest drawcard is its looks and that it’s less bulky than a smartwatch for health tracking. The ring uses AI for personalised insights into your health, creating a customised experience. Rumour has it Apple is also working on a smart ring. 

HMD x Barbie flip phone 

HMD, the maker of Nokia handsets, announced it will partner with Mattel to release a Barbie-branded retro flip phone this year. The company shared a pixelated pink image and hinted this feature phone will be a stylish, yet nostalgic digital detox device aimed at Gen Z and millennials. HMD’s chief marketing officer Lars Silberbauer posed the question: “Is it time to swap reel life for real life and take a breather from all the interruptions of notifications?”

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Nafisa Akabor