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Huawei’s new flagship Android phone is big, beautiful and packed with power. 

The 6-inch screen puts it squarely in ‘phablet’ territory, and critics are predicting that the Mate 8 may just be the best luxury device to be released by Huawei, ever.

4 features of the Huawei Mate 8 we love

  • 1. Look and feel: Ultra-slim (with 7.9mm edges), with a sleek aluminium body, sand-blasting on the rear, and a bright 6-inch HD display, the Mate 8 is simply stunning. The larger screen-to-body ratio (85% of the phone is screen) makes the experience more vivid than ever, and the luxurious colour options will satisfy those with expensive tastes
  • 2. Battery: With a fast-charging 4 000mAh battery, the Mate 8 packs loads of power, offering 1.65 days of use for heavy users and more than 2 days for regular users. Even when it’s not in use, power management tech will give you up to 22 days’ standby time.
  • 3. Camera: The new 16MP Sony stacked sensor, which is highly sensitive and a first in the smartphone game, is behind the beauty of the images that can be captured by the Mate 8. Photographers will love the Slow Motion mode for HD videos, and selfie fans will appreciate the 8MP wide-angle front camera.
  • 4. Performance: Powerful performance meets low power consumption in the Mate 8, thanks to the all-new Kirin 950 chipset and i5 Intelligent Processor, offering streamlined operations and pleasingly fast responsiveness, whether you’re watching videos, checking social media or launching apps.

4 features of the Huawei G8 we love

If there’s one thing Huawei is good at, it’s producing fuss-free, high-quality, good-value smartphones, and this mid-range device is no exception. Most of its features put it right up there with phones with much bigger price tags, making it perfect for spec-savvy, trendy, cost-conscious young technophiles.

  • 1. Camera: Ultra low-light shooting and new personalised photography features (such as real-time beauty make-up) make this one of the best phones for photographers in its price range. Its wide-angle lens (large aperture 28mm) and optical image stabilisation make it easy for anyone to take beautiful pictures.
  • 2. Fingerprint technology: This is next-generation fingerprint ID technology, with a non-metal sensor and larger ID area, meaning that a simple touch brings the Huawei G8 to life instantly and makes identification fully secure. The sensor can also answer calls or control alarms.
  • 3. Design: The all-metal body of the G8 makes it look more beautiful and feel more luxurious than other phones in this range. The 5.5-inch HD screen and cambered surface add to the classy all-over look. 
  • 4. Connectivity: Two antennas make the G8 twice as good as connectivity as similar phones. You won’t have to worry about losing signal again, thanks to dual antenna smart switching.

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