Business tech
    09 June 2016


    New iPhone and iPad take business to the next level

    Apple's latest releases bring a wealth of potential to the way you work.

    From the user-friendly and more affordable iPhone SE to the groundbreaking iPad Pro that takes tablets into a new realm, these new devices are dynamic and worth a second look. Here's why we think they're a good option for you and your business.

    iPhone SE  

    Packing all the best features of the iPhone in a smaller, more affordable package, the iPhone SE (which stands for Special Edition) resembles the iPhone 5s in its stocky appearance with its 4-inch screen. But the difference comes in with its internal hardware, as it boasts many of the iPhone 6's features. The iPhone SE is a powerful smartphone, and is powered by A9 and M9 processors. It has a long battery life, making it an excellent choice if you use your phone for work all day long

    In addition, the 12MP camera and 16GB and 64GB options make it an attractive choice. The latest features such as Live Photos, Focus Pixels and the iSight camera have been incorporated into the SE, and the camera boasts a host of cool capabilities: True Tone flash, autofocus, auto image stabilisation, face detection and geotagging are now standard. If you need to shoot video as part of your work, these features also get the nod with playback zoom, with 720p HD recording, time-lapse and improved noise reduction.

    If you want the bells and whistles of an iPhone, but in a compact, affordable and easy-to-use package, the iPhone SE is the device for you.

    iPad Pro

    In an exciting move that blurs the lines between tablet and laptop, the iPad Pro provides the best of both worlds.

    Work this way

    The Smart Keyboard doubles up as a cover for the iPad Pro, and is extremely useful when you need to work on any kind of documentation. This brings the iPad Pro into the realm of the Macbook, and if you're using the iPad Pro for work, this makes it highly covetable over other tablets that do not offer a keyboard. It does, however, carry an additional cost. 

    The option of viewing split screens makes it a very usable tablet, and copying information from one source to another is a breeze.

    The iPad Pro packs the A9X chip, which makes it the most powerful Apple device other than the Macbook range. This means you can run many apps to the full, and make the best use of the split screen feature without the worry of lagging.

    Get creative

    The new Apple Pencil allows you to write or sketch with a variety of results. This takes the iPad to a new level, especially for creatives. It's fantastic for taking notes in meetings, too, for those of us who are more comfortable writing by hand than typing. (Like the Smart Keyboard, the Apple Pencil comes at an additional cost.) 

    For creative jobs such as photo or video editing, working on the 12.9-inch screen is a pleasure.

    Media mogul

    Four powerful speakers add to the appeal of this iPad, and viewing movies, gaming or reading is fantastic thanks to the screen's LCD display. The high resolution adds even more to your viewing experiences. The iPad Pro carries about 10 hours of battery life, which is remarkable when you use its various features to the full throughout the work day.

    In short, if you love using an iPad and want to work on the go with a more versatile and powerful tablet, it's worth investing in the iPad Pro.

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