Contract Benefits
    12 March 2021


    NXT LVL - keeping you online for less

    Under 25? Stay connected with NXT LVL benefits on the My Vodacom App.

    Over 22 million South Africans are online, and over 40% of those online are under the age of 25. Vodacom is empowering young people to stay connected for less with the NXT LVL subscription service for under 25's. When you sign up, you're entitled to exclusive bundles and dope rewards. 

    The NXT LVL gives you access to awesome deals:

    • LVL Bundles:

    Buy level bundles and call, surf, or SMS with your levels. 1 Level = 1MB or 1 minute or 1 SMS. 

    • My Squad:

    To call your squad, buy a My Squad bundle for just R6 and get 90 minutes to call up to five linked friends.

    • Data bundles

    You get access to the best value data deals. You also get a free data bundle to gift a friend when you purchase a data bundle of 40MB and get 40MB free night owl and 40MB free to gift a friend for R5. The same applies when you spend R12 for 200MB (+200MB free night owl).

    How to activate NXT LVL:

    Download the My Vodacom App and follow these easy steps below to activate NXT LVL:

    If you are under 25, get the My Vodacom App today and activate the NXT LVL.