22 May 2014


    On Sex and Love

    Global superstar Enrique Iglesias chats to JASON CURTIS about his new album, Sex and Love, in this now! exclusive.

    He's recorded 10 albums and sold more discs and singles than there are bubbles in a glass of Spanish Cava – and Enrique Iglesias’ latest album, Sex And Love, confirms yet again that he’s on top of his game and loving every beat of it. 

    With the likes of Pitbull, Kylie Minogue, Yandel, Jennifer Lopez and India Martínez all making appearances on the album, fans of any – or all – are promised the best of both worlds.

    You’re described as singer, songwriter, actor and record producer – which of these disciplines make you happiest, and why? 

    Writing and performing are what I love most. That, to me, will never get old.

    Tell us about how you went about building Sex And Love… after the success of Euphoria?

     A lot of time in the studio, and a lot of late nights!

    You’re coming up to the end of your second decade in the music business – does that scare or excite you? 

    Definitely excites me. It’s an amazing journey.

    Do you think, with all of the success and fame you’ve achieved, that you’re still in touch with the fans? 

    I owe everything to my fans, and I would never let myself forget that.

    Every single one of your songs drip with immediate hit potential. Can you define just what it is that makes your music so universally appealing? 

    I don’t have any special formula. I’ve just been very fortunate so far, and very lucky, to have such amazing fans.

    What about Sex And Love excites you the most?

    I like the overall feel of the album. It just feels new and a bit different from anything I’ve done in the past, and that’s refreshing to me.

    Will South Africa get to enjoy Sex And Love live at some point this year? 

    Not sure just quite when yet, but am planning my return back to South Africa and am very excited to do so.

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