16 August 2022


    OneNumber. Unlimited Benefits.

    Do it all from your eSIM compatible smart watch and Vodacom OneNumber, even when you’re away from your phone. Get 3 Months Free Vodacom OneNumber service, thereafter R25pm!

    Vodacom OneNumber is an innovative service offering that allows you to stay connected and entertained on your eSIM compatible watch, without having your phone near you! With Vodacom OneNumber you get the awesome benefit of: 

    • Making calls - even if you have forgotten your phone at home or if it's running low on power
    • Getting full internet access via LTE – you can use features such as maps, voice search, or even stream music to Bluetooth earphones when they are without their phone or away from your personal Wi-fi. 
    • Staying connected during times when you would prefer to keep your phone safe at home. 

    How does Vodacom OneNumber work? 

    You can simply activate and link your current contract sim to an eSIM compatible Huawei, Samsung or Apple smartwatch using the Vodacom OneNumber service. As mentioned, the Vodacom OneNumber service comes with a free 3-month subscription, thereafter it is billed as a Value Added Service (VAS) on a monthly recurring subscription of R25. And as simple as that, you can share call minutes and data bundles across both devices, from the main contract Sim card, using Vodacom OneNumber.  

    Please note that this service is not yet available for prepaid customers. 


    So, how is Vodacom OneNumber activated? 

    If you have a Samsung or Apple enabled eSIM device, you can connect to the Vodacom OneNumber service by following the on device activation method that is on the device watch app. If you have a Huawei enabled smart watch, you will need to go in store to activate the Vodacom OneNumber service. 

    Please note that most eSIM compatable watches have a Vodacom OneNumber Z-card guide bundled, which is a simple summary for easy activation. 

    As you can see, this innovative offering gives you greater flexibility to move around while remaining connected, with or without your cellphone near you.  

    Activate your Vodacom OneNumber today!