Brand with a purpose
    14 July 2021


    Open new doors with Vodacom Jobseekers

    Finding a job without being connected is harder than ever. That’s why we‘re offering job seekers a job site that uses no data (data-free) and free online courses.

    This time has shown us that connectivity drives inclusivity. Equal opportunities are created when everyone has the opportunity to connect. People of all ages, genders, socio-economic positions and abilities.

    Finding a job without being connected is harder than ever. That’s why we are offering jobseekers affordable connectivity packages and free online courses for developing new skills. Vodacom Jobseekers Connected is aimed at addressing the economic challenges created by the COVID 19 pandemic. 

    Introducing Jobseekers Connected

    We know you need to be connected to find a new job.  That’s why Vodacom is helping jobseekers get online with a job site that uses no data (data-free). You can now discover digital careers and learning options that suit you. Your interests like and dislikes crafted into career and study options.

    With Vodacom Jobseekers Connected we’re offering over 700 free online courses in partnership with Udemy – from business and technology, to how to find a new job – we’ve got it covered. As a valued Vodafone customer, we are excited to bring you a selection of our favourite online learning courses from Udemy.. We have curated over 650 courses, covering a range of topics like business, technology and personal development for you to start growing your skills.

    Would you like to be seen by recruiters? We will showcase/highlight your profile to help you be seen by recruiters on Facebook.

    To find out more please visit the Jobseekers Connected landing page 

    Our purpose is to connect for a better future

    From mobile devices to internet access, connectivity opens opportunities to transform lives and connect for a better future.

    From our digital educational platforms that provide access to quality education to our digital enterprise platforms that are empowering businesses, small and Big to succeed and create jobs – we are at the epicentre of shaping an exciting future.

    We have committed to improving the lives of the next 100 million customers and halving our environmental impact by 2025.

    Now you can reach further than ever