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Vodacom Now!

For many learners, access to quality education, or a just a little help with their studies, is hard to come by. Now, help is as close as their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Vodacom e-school has content designed for learners in grades 10-12, and, unlike many resources on the web, is based on the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements, so it's taken directly from the school syllabus. Subjects currently available include maths and maths literacy, physical science, life science, accounting and English first additional language. More grades and subjects are on the horizon, so watch this space!

Custom dashboard

Each learner creates their personal dashboard, where they can record their work. There is daily homework, with lesson notes and quizzes to complete. They can keep track of their progress, and earn badges when they reach the next level.

No data costs for Vodacom customers 

Vodacom e-school is zero-rated, which means, if you’re a Vodacom customer, you won’t be charged for the data your kids consume while using e-school. Non-Vodacom customers will be charged normal rates. 

Once you've registered for e-school, Vodacom customers will also get free access to the following educational websites until March 2015:

How to register for Vodacom e-school

Learners can register online for e-school to create their profile and get started. 

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