Business advice
    21 October 2014


    Practical apps for business

    Get more out of your work day with these useful apps which will help you become more efficient and organised.

    This functional selection of apps will help to make your work life just that little bit more streamlined. 


    Make sure you’re never late for a meeting again with the free Waze map and traffic app. It’s a social GPS, which means each user’s device generates data that helps you and others avoid traffic jams and accident scenes. If you spend a lot of time on the road, Waze will make a difference to the amount of time you spend in your car as you can avoid congested areas.


    Use the free Evernote app to take notes on your iPad or tablet during meetings and sync them between all your devices – laptop, desktop and mobile phone. A nifty tip is to use Evernote to take photos of business cards and save them immediately.


    This free app is a cost-effective way to set up, host and attend virtual meetings using your smartphone or tablet. It’s available for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Apple and means you never have to miss a meeting again – no matter where you are.

    Google Analytics 

    Keep track of the traffic statistics on all your websites and apps on the move with the free Google Analytics app. You can view all your web and app reporting profiles, making sure you can access your analytics data at any time, anywhere. It’s available for Android and Apple devices. 


    Keep track of your fleet or business vehicles with Vodacom LiveTrack in real-time using a secure website. Using GPS technology and Vodacom’s GSM network, LiveTrack gives you extremely accurate tracking – within 5m – and makes it easy to separate business and personal travel expenses.


    This free locally developed app links all your bank accounts so you can get an instant overview of your expenses. You can then allocate your expenses to different categories like entertainment, food and transport. You can also create your own unique categories, for example client meetings, so it’s easy to keep track of your business expenses. It’s available for iPhone and Android.