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International Fraud Awareness Week started on 13 November. Keeping your information safe in a digital world is more important than ever, with identity fraud on the rise.

Vodacom supports the fight against fraud, and offers you a number of solutions to protect your devices and your personal information. 

Voice Password

Vodacom Voice Password lets you log into your My Vodacom profile using your voice, which cannot be copied, stolen or faked. To activate it, simply login to the My Vodacom App and select Register Voice Password from the menu. Once you have successfully registered you will be notified.

Once you're registered:

  • Start the My Vodacom App and select 'Voice login'
  • Press and hold the record button (red button) and simply repeat three times: 'At Vodacom, my voice is my password'
  • Press and hold the record button (red button) and simply repeat three times: '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9'

Congratulations, you have now set up a voice password on your phone.

Vodafone Protect  

You can also safeguard your phone with Vodacom's free security app. The app allows you to find your phone when it’s missing, lock the phone remotely and ultimately wipe the phone of all sensitive information.

  • Locate your lost or stolen phone: you can locate your phone on a map or use the ‘Lock & Beep’ feature to find your cellphone if it’s in close range. 
  • Keep your data safe and secure.
  • Remotely lock and wipe all private content from your lost or stolen phone and SD card.
  • Restore quickly and easy.
  • Get call and SMS filtering, antivirus, and app and web protection in the premium package.

With your personal information secure, ensure that your device is also protected against loss, theft and damage by insuring it with Vodacom Insurance from as little as R35 per month »

Speak Up Hotline

The Vodacom Speak Up Hotline is a way to report any suspicions activity regarding serious instances of theft, fraud or related irregularities. Any issues of genuine concern can be reported to the independently managed Speak Up Hotline service by dialling 0800 990 520, toll-free from a Telkom landline.

All reports, allegations or suspicions involving any of the following issues can be reported directly to the hotline:

  • Bribery or corruption: attempts, potential or suspected bribery or corruption
  • Competition law: potential or suspected breach of competition law
  • Serious breach of policy/code of conduct by any employee
  • Criminal conduct by any employee 
  • Misconduct by any vendor/supplier against Vodacom

All reports will be treated with the strictest confidence. 

Find out more about how we help you protect your device

Phone stolen? Don’t worry. We’ll help you to blacklist your device and block your SIM.

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