17 June 2021

    Celeste Jacobs

    Quick win home workouts

    For those days when a two-hour gym session just isn’t on the cards!

    We often use technology as a distraction, but it’s a nifty tool to redirect our energy in a positive way too. Recently, we’ve been more sedentary than usual, and complaints of inactivity are frequently shared between loved ones. There are, of course, the exceptional few who have maintained an active lifestyle throughout the COVD-19 pandemic. For those of us who feel stuck in a rut or confined to our seats for prolonged periods of time, help is available! There are an abundance of bit sized exercise routines to follow, thanks to YouTube! We’ll share a few of them with you here – feel free to incorporate them into your daily routine. They’re an ideal break between activities and offer a welcome endorphin boost to break your routine.

    4-minute HIIT Workout

    Lucy Wyndham-Read, who previously served in the British Army for half a decade, leads this workout. She’s a fitness trainer and nutritionist, who takes pride in helping people feel more confident about their bodies, while managing their weight and improving their fitness. Her passion for wellness makes this workout a great motivator for anyone who is apprehensive about the pressure that comes with fitness culture. This workout doesn’t require any equipment – so all you have to do is lace up your trainers and enjoy it!

    5-Minute Total Body Workout

    Brought to you by the fitness and wellness publication, Women’s Health, this workout is short-and-sweet, but packs a punch! The benefit here is knowing it’s been compiled by a credible source and it only takes a few minutes to feel the burn. If you enjoy this routine, the Women’s Health website has a selection of 15-minute workouts you can explore to take your exercise experience to the next level.

    8-minute Quick-Sweat Workout

    Ever get the feeling that your body needs you to move? You get that sense of restlessness that urges you to get up from your seat – this workout is a swift answer to that sensation. Similarly, to the previous routine, you won’t need any equipment and the cyclical session makes use of eight exercises, so you can take it at your own pace. The benefits of high intensity interval training range from an increased metabolic rate after the workout, the ability to burn calories in a short amount of time and so much more!

    15-minute Beginner Workout

    If you're new to fitness or rekindling your love for it, this workout is an easy-to-follow guide to make sure you nail the fundamentals while exercising. It not only shows you the basics, but includes modifications so you’re able to advance your routine as you improve your strength and form.

    20-minute Full-Body Workout

    Whether you start off doing five minutes of this workout or are able to complete it in one go, the point is to try! Take it step by step and enjoy the process as you invest your time in meeting your physical needs, while boosting your mood.

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    Celeste Jacobs