Connecting for Good
    17 May 2022


    #RedLovesGreen: The Smartphone Eco Rating explained

    Building a more sustainable future is our joint responsibility.

    Connecting for Good is at the core of Vodacom's business, and in the past 25 years, we have embraced sustainability throughout every aspect of our business practices

    Over the past few years, it has become evident that collective action is needed to create a better future for everyone. As a company with a footprint that spans across Africa, Vodacom has always believed that success should not come at a cost to the environment. In this way, we need to be intentional about our efforts to create a more inclusive, sustainable future for all while ensuring we are resilient, flexible and adaptable. 

    With that in mind, Vodacom has begun to list the Eco Rating of each new smartphone available throughout our online and physical scores, to better help customers understand and manage their impact on the environment. 

    How does the Eco Rating work?

    The Eco Rating score is a number used to indicate the environmental performance of mobile phones and is based on an objective assessment of both life cycle and environmental impact indicators.

    The highest possible score is 100 for maximum environmental performance. So, the closer the score is to 100 the better is the environmental performance of the device. This indicator can be used as a guideline when purchasing devices with the lowest impact to the environment.

    The Eco Rating label will also present five other assessments, covering 1) extraction of raw materials and production, 2) packaging and 3) transport, through to 4) durability during use and 5) how effectively the device can be recycled at the end of its life. The aim of the eco rating is threefold:

    • Helps customers to make informed and more sustainable choices
    • Encourages suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of their devices
    • Aligns the industry in improving transparency and reducing its environmental footprint

    Our latest devices and deals are now available with their Eco Rating on display. You can find out more by clicking each respective deal. 


    Device  Eco Rating  Deal 
    Galaxy A32 5G 78 R329 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Galaxy A12 81 R199 on Flexi 125
    S62 Pro 69 R929 on 2GB|Red core more data
    P SMART 2021 70 R279 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Redmi 9A 35 R149 on Flexi 125
    Samsung S20 FE  77 R499 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Huawei P40 lite  5G 79 R399 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Redmi note 10 5G 72 R249 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Samsung Flip 3 78 R899 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Nokia G50 68 R299 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Samsung A52s 84 R399 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Huawei Nova 9 71 R579 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Xioami 11T Pro 69 R699 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Redmi Note 11 83 R299 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Samsung A53 77 R429 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Samsung A33 76 R349 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Samsung A03 78 R279 on 1GB|Red core more data
    Samsung S21 FE 5G 80 R699 on 1GB|Red core more data


    Vodacom is committed to contributing to sustainable cities and communities through the creation of digital solutions to help governments, businesses and society address some of the more pressing environmental issues like climate change and water scarcity.

    For more tips on going green as well as how Vodacom is helping to save our planet, visit our sustainability page on the Vodacom website.

    Cover image by Getty Images