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    15 February 2021


    Remote work and Smarter Collaboration for your SME

    With lockdown restrictions in place, SMEs need collaboration solutions that are affordable and practical.

    With lockdown restrictions in place and continuously being adapted to fit the health and economic pressures of this period, SMEs need collaboration solutions that are affordable and practical. Thankfully, Vodacom Business has those businesses covered.

    Lockdown continues to hamper businesses from an operational perspective as the government advises those who are able to work from home, do so.

    By now remote working should be a serious consideration for businesses, but if you are looking to streamline this new workflow your business is exploring, there are a number of apps your business can make use of.

    As you might be aware, these solutions can be complex and costly, but Vodacom Business hopes to bring SMEs the convenience of these cloud-based solutions with its affordable SMART Collaboration solutions.

    Take Microsoft Teams, which forms part of the Microsoft 365 Business package. Microsoft Teams allows for chat, online meetings and calling from one central location. Your employees can also keep track of projects thanks to calendar and email integration. What makes this offer from Vodacom Business particularly attractive is the competitive pricing. At R82 per user per month, this is one of the most affordable ways to collaborate easily.

    Microsoft 365 Business also includes OneDrive for Business, which enables employees working from home, secure, streamlined access and storage of documents. This also helps with back up when power cuts happen.

     Vodacom Business also offers packages for businesses who would prefer to make use of Google products such as Google Drive and Google Meet- Google’s own chat and video-conferencing application.

    Much like OneDrive, Google Drive can be synchronised with a user’s desktop so that they have easy access to the documents they need. This has the added benefit of not using up physical storage space, giving business owners greater control over how much they spend on equipment.

    Google Sites is also available as part of the Google Workspace. This product allows you to create team websites for projects and events and you don’t need any design or programming experience to create these websites.

    Collaboration is even more important this year as we await word on vaccinations. Even once things are safer, having smart collaboration solutions in place can help drive a more agile workplace. As we learned when COVID-19 hit in 2020, agility in business is priceless.

    Whatever your business needs, Vodacom has a SMART Collaboration solution suited for your business.

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