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    15 February 2019


    Rethinking Cybersecurity

    A proactive approach to cybersecurity focusing on being ready and resilient in the face of any challenge can support innovation and increase customer loyalty.

    In 2019, the challenges surrounding online security are as daunting as ever – the annual cost of cybercrime now stands at $600 billion globally, overtaking the global drugs trade in 2018. But maybe it’s time for a change in mindset. According to Maureen Kaplan, Vodafone Enterprise Cyber Security Lead, to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity, focusing on being ready and resilient in the face of any challenge; and understanding how security can boost your bottom line, support innovation and increase customer loyalty.

    'It’s no wonder that we think of cybersecurity as a form of defence, protecting our assets behind firewalls and running cyber-attack ‘wargames’ to simulate our response. Investment in cybersecurity is seen as a necessary evil – an unfortunate, but compulsory, drain on resources to minimise vulnerability and limit losses if the worst should happen. But could cybersecurity really be a source of strength? We have created a Cyber Ready Index, to assess the security readiness and resilience of businesses around the world. It looks at a number of criteria including their awareness of their digital footprint, their cyber strategy, operations and understanding of risk. We’ve also investigated the views of business decision makers, employees and consumers, to understand their (sometimes contrasting) views. Our question ultimately is this: are the most Cyber Ready businesses, those taking proactive measures against the evolving threat landscape, realising a business advantage over less ready rivals?  And we uncovered some fascinating insights into this subject.'

    'It’s clear from our research that there are challenges for many businesses to overcome. The growing digital footprints of businesses and consumers – and a greater number of security threats – are putting organisations under pressure. There are divergent security behaviours between business leaders and their staff. At present, few businesses are truly Cyber Ready. Nonetheless, there are incredibly encouraging signs that strengthening your cybersecurity does correspond with greater trust, revenue and ultimately competitive advantage. And there are thus far untapped opportunities to monetise security – if businesses are able to excel. It’s time to focus less on cyber threats and more on cyber opportunities. By creating a strong platform of Cyber Readiness, businesses can propel themselves to new heights. So the real question is, how Cyber Ready are you?' 

    Vodacom Secure Device Manager           

    Cybersecurity is a key concern for organisations of all sizes. Protecting devices, networks, data and apps is an essential component of doing business. Vodacom provides security products and services to businesses of all sizes, helping you secure your business anywhere because we are everywhere.

    Vodacom Secure Device Manager is a mobile device management solution that lets you secure, monitor, manage and support your entire fleet of smartphones and tablets. Vodacom Secure Device Manager is the simple way to let your people work with their smart devices without compromising your company’s security.  

    • Available to existing and new Vodacom business customers
    • Protect your business from mobile security threats
    • Your employees can use their smart devices without compromising your company’s security
    • Scalable, so the solution can grow with your business.
    • Round-the-clock technical support with fast response times.

    What is Vodacom Security Solutions?

    Vodacom Security Solutions have all the key components to promote your business IT Infrastructure to be safe and secure, preventing unauthorised access and managing threats. Vodacom provides end-to-end security solutions leveraging skilled resources and cutting edge technology to secure IT systems and networks.