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    13 March 2017


    Review: Huawei nova and Colour Band A1

    Huawei's latest devices offer a premium look and feel in a mid-range price bracket, giving you more mileage for your money.

    Huawei's latest devices offer a premium look and feel in a mid-range price bracket, giving you more mileage for your money.

    If you're in the market for a new smartphone that doesn't break the bank but looks like a high-end device, and are also looking for a top-notch fitness tracker, these two will pair beautifully for you. What's even more beautiful is that Vodacom offers a Huawei nova for R349 per month on a uChoose Flexi 150 with a free Huawei Colour Band A1 (not to mention FREE screen insurance for 12 months, 3GB of data for FREE for three months, plus a R10 000 educational voucher!).

    The Huawei nova

    Our favourite features of this lightweight, more affordable version of Huawei's flagship phones are its design, battery life and connectivity.

    • Design: Made from aircraft grade aluminium, the nova is sturdy but also really lightweight. It weighs only 2g more than the P9, which is impressive, considering it's made of all metal. The compact, 5-inch screen means you can use it one-handed, which is always a plus, and its sleek design makes it look more like a flagship than a mid-range device.
    • Battery life: With a 3020mAh battery, and an Ultra Power Saving mode, the nova will keep going for at least three-and-a-half days, giving you about 28 hours of talk time and 11 straight hours of web browsing before having to recharge, according to GSM Arena's testing. We'd be more than happy with that!
    • Connectivity: Of course, the internet access on our smartphones has become one of the most important considerations in shopping for a new device, and the nova doesn't disappoint. It's LTE/4G capable (great news for you as a Vodacom customer, as you'll be able to use the super-fast Vodacom 4G network), meaning your online videos will load immediately, with little to no buffering, and the nova even has a new USB Type-C port for data connections.

    The only downside we can see to the Huawei nova is that it does not come with any kind of protective screen coating, which is why it's essential to sign up for Vodacom's screen protection insurance (which you'll get for 12 months for free when you buy the nova on Vodacom Online).

    The Huawei Colour Band A1

    The Colour Band A1 is a fitness tracker with a twist, taking the wearables world by storm. Or should we say, by sun?

    • UV sensor: Yes, that's right - the Colour Band A1 has a built-in UV sensor that measures the levels of UV radiation around you and recommends a suitable sunscreen! This is a real boon under our hot South African sun, and we hope other wearables follow suit.
    • Intelligent tracking: The Colour Band tracks the number of steps you've taken, the distance you've run or walked, the calories you've burned and the amount (and quality) of sleep you've had.
    • Alerts: With its LED light, the Colour Band A1 notifies you of any calls or messages you've received on your phone, and you can also set it to vibrate so that you know if someone's tried to get hold of you while you're on the go.

    Go to Vodacom Online now to buy the Huawei nova.