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7th May 18

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Review: Huawei P20 lite

7th May 18

Ian Parsons
By Ian Parsons38 Followers

Huawei has long been a brand with a reputation for amazing devices: beautiful to look at and packed with tech – and priced very competitively.

With the new P20 series of devices, Huawei is again pushing the limits of mobile technology. The P20 Pro, for example, features an advanced triple camera system. Combined with AI technology, it promises the best mobile photography ever seen.

The P20 lite is the baby in the new family. It’s a midrange device, but this is becoming a misnomer in an age where our mobile phones have more tech in them than the spacecraft that sent people to the moon. True story, that. It features 16MP cameras back and front, a 5.84-inch HD display, face unlock, high-speed charging, dual Bluetooth, and a custom-built AI chipset that promises intelligent power management and performance optimisation. It also comes out with Android Oreo, so you’re guaranteed to get the latest features the OS promises.

Like its more robust siblings, the P20 Lite features the notch, a gap in the screen real estate to make space for the camera. It’s something to get used to and, if you don’t like it, you can choose to black out the top section of the screen for a more typical display.

The P20 Lite also offers dual Bluetooth, which means you can connect two devices to your phone at the same time. Connect your heart-rate monitor and Bluetooth headset when you go on a run, or connect to your car’s audio system to stay hands-free, and connect to your car’s navigation system for directions.

This device really is the complete package. Compared to flagship devices from as little as a year ago, the P20 lite wins in most respects.

Standout features

  • The 5.84 inch full HD screen is squeezed into the smallest possible space..

  • 16MP cameras front and back.

  • There’s an AI system optimising performance and battery life.

Spec Huawei P20 lite
Screen size 5.84"
Screen resolution 1080x2280 pixels
Weight 145g
OS Android 8.0 Oreo
Memory 64GB internal, 4GB RAM
microSD slot Yes - up to 256GB
Camera: Main Dual: 16MP + 2MP
Camera: Front 16MP
Battery 3000mAh
Colours Midnight Black, Klein Blue

Should you get it?

Yes :) The Huawei P20 lite finds the sweet spot between technology must-haves and affordability.

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