03 August 2020

    Tarryn Temmers

    Review: Top Huawei devices

    Huawei P40 Pro, Huawei Y6 and the Huawei MatePad T8. We reviewed all 3 to help you decide.

    Huawei P40, Huawei Y6 or Huawei MatePad T8? Our combo review helps you decide which one to buy next.

    Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)

    Reminder: Huawei no longer uses Google Mobile Services (GMS) and has decided to expand HMS throughout its global users. HMS is a set of applications and services providing many advanced features like Huawei ID, push notifications, payments and other Huawei services for its device ecosystem. The idea is to deliver a smarter, faster and better seamless experience. 

    HMS includes these apps and services:

    • Huawei AppGallery
    • Huawei Browser
    • Huawei Mobile Cloud
    • Huawei Themes
    • Huawei Music
    • Huawei Video
    • Huawei Reader
    • Huawei Assistant, and more.

    Huawei P40 Pro

    Known for its battery life and camera quality, the P40 does not disappoint. The co-engineering with Leica to create the quad camera allows you loads of ways to take high-quality images and edit them instantly. Perfect for anyone who loves posting excellent quality images for personal use or business.

    HUAWEI P40 PR0

    The long-lasting battery life is great. Depending on your use of the phone, the battery can last for up to 14 hours of web browsing after a full charge. The phone size is comfortable and convenient in the hand, with a cool curved display screen. 

    Phone spec:

    • Width 71.06mm
    • Height 148.9mm
    • Depth 8.5mm
    • Weight ±175g (with battery)

    Smart features:

    • Dual SIM plus eSIM
    • 4K livestream
    • Gravity sensor
    • Ambient light sensor
    • Proximity sensor
    • Colour temperature sensor
    • Splash, water, and dust resistant in specific situations
    • The Face Unlock feature accurately detects your face features to unlock the screen or access a private app. 

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    Huawei Y6

    If you’re shopping on a smaller budget, the Huawei Y6 is a great option. This affordable phone  has a 6.09-inch 720 x 1560 screen with a pixel density of 282 pixels per inch. The Huawei Y6’s screen isn’t just about resolution. It’s also large, uses a modern 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and has an 87% screen-to-body ratio, so the front of the screen is almost all screen.


    It also has a SuperSound feature, which can boost the volume and bass when listening to audio through the phone’s speakers. Plus, for those who like listening to radio, the Huawei Y6 has an FM radio built in, and unlike some phones, you don’t need to connect headphones to listen to it.

    Camera specs:

    • 13MP main camera
    • 5MP wide-angle camera 
    • 2MP depth camera.

    Smart features:

    • 3GB + 64GB large storage
    • Facial recognition, allowing you to unlock the phone by looking at it.

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    Huawei MatePad T8

    The Huawei MatePad T8 tablet is perfect for reading ebooks and watching movies. Weighing only 310g, it’s relatively lightweight and comfortable to use for extended periods of time. 


    This tablet is also a safe playground for your kids with the enhanced Eye Comfort Mode feature that helps protect their eyes from blue light. And when they’re viewing the tablet while lying down, they receive an alert to adjust the angle to further protect their eyesight.

    Tablet specs:

    • Width 121.1mm
    • Height 199.7mm
    • Depth 8.55mm
    • Weight ±310g (including battery)

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    Tarryn Temmers