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Vodacom Now!

The Smart Tab N8’s predecessor – the handy Vodacom Power Tab 10 – was one of the most popular devices in the Vodacom online store, which bodes very well for the latest tablet to come from the Vodacom stable. Let’s take a closer look!

Connect this

Finally! No more frustration with dodgy public hotspots or slow wifi. The Smart Tab N8 supports a 4G network, which immediately catapults the model into the rarefied heights of Netflix-on-the-go capability. And you won’t find many other tablets in this price range that will be able to boast that.

Let’s face it: YouTube is the new television, and tablets are more than just mobile web browsing and reading tools, they are fully fledged multimedia dispensers that are increasingly being used for streaming movies. Good thing, then, that the Smart Tab N8 comes with powerful front-facing stereo speakers. Road trips just got that much quieter and shorter!

Size matters

The screen size on the Smart Tab N8 is 10.1 inches, which is compares favourably with the Samsung and Apple tablets in its range. If you’ve ever seen more than one person born in the 21st century huddle around a tablet, you’ll know why this is so important. These days, tablet viewing is a social activity.

The display also reproduces spectacular colour, for those jaw-dropping science fiction scenes or fantasy games. A 

OS bliss

The Smart Tab N8 runs the infinitely and easily customizable Android Nougat 7.0, so you can run two apps simultaneously, or switch between them with a double tap. The deal clincher? Why, that would be the 72 new emojis that you will impress your friends with!

The Smart Tab N8 also boasts multi-user profiles, so the entire family can share the device and enjoy a personalised experience, rather than having to wade through each other’s YouTube history and suggestions.

On the move

The Smart Tab N8’s battery comes in at 4600mAh, which is enough for at least three movies, back-to-back, but the operating system offers a host of battery-saving features like Doze on the Go and Ultra Battery Saving mode. So you’ll make it from Cape Town to the Garden Route with power left to spare.

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