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Our pick of the cleverest apps and tools to help you rule in school.


With this powerful app, you have access to incredible sources of knowledge on mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, units and measures, history, language, and much more. Ask it a question, and your answer is presented instantly with beautiful clarity. For example, when you ask about the International Space Station, you can see its flight path over the earth, interesting facts such as its launch date, orbital altitude and velocity, and its Wikipedia entry.

Download WolframAlpha for iOS or Android (±R45.00).

Khan Academy

Khan Academy started out as a channel on YouTube where its founder Saman Khan presented short maths lessons in an accessible way. Since then, Khan Academy videos have been viewed more than 458 million times, and the online learning platform covers a wide range of subjects. With the Android and iOS apps, you have access to all of the content and you can control your own pace of learning. You can also download content for offline use.

Download Khan Academy for iOS or Android, or visit the website (Free).

Vodacom e-School

With Vodacom e-School, you have access to all the content you need to succeed from grades 4 to 12. It covers all the major subjects such as maths, science, economics, languages and accounting. Watch, rewind and pause video lessons to learn at your own pace, then work through homework questions and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. You can also evaluate your progress across different subjects and earn badges to keep you motivated.

Get started with Vodacom e-School.

At some point we all have to start making lists and prioritising our work. It’s part of growing up. is your friend here: you can easily add tasks and reminders, and it syncs with your calendar so that you never miss a thing. You can even share tasks and lists with other people – perfect for when you’re working together on a school project or planning a weekend trip.

Download for iOS and Android (Free).


It is no coincidence that Evernote’s logo is an elephant. The app wants to help you remember everything, and it’s one of the best ways to take notes and stay organised. You can take notes and capture ideas in various forms:

  • Write down important points
  • Take a picture of your teacher’s blackboard or PowerPoint slide
  • Save web pages for later use
  • Scan school letters or forms and email them to your parents

Download Evernote for iOS or Android (Free).


School is about more than doing your homework; it’s also about making lifelong friends. Dubsmash is like Lip Sync Battle between your buddies. It’s one of the latest apps to share with your friends, and gives you access to a massive range of popular song snippets and sounds. Your job is to sing along or pull funny faces, apply stickers or text, then share it with all your favourite people.

Download Dubsmash for iOS or Android (Free).

Note: While some of the apps are free to purchase in the app store, you will need data to download and use them. You can buy data bundles quickly and easily by downloading the My Vodacom App »

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