Device reviews
    09 July 2014


    Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

    Is it a camera? Is it a smartphone? It’s both. The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom gives you 10x optical zoom so you can get closer to the action, writes LAURA COOKE.

    Remember the days (not so long ago) when you had to lug around a camera and a phone? Camera technology in smartphones has improved so dramatically over the past few years that most people’s point-and-shoot cameras are now lying forgotten in a drawer.

    The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom aims to bring these two worlds together by combining a 20.7MP camera with optical zoom and an Android smartphone.

    The Galaxy Zoom is relatively bulky – there's no way around that if you’re going to include a physical zoom lens on a smartphone – but you do have more manual options and control over the camera than on your average smartphone. You can zoom in, set your focus zone, play around with various manual settings like IOS and and use the bright Xenon flash to light up your pics. You can also record HD video. 

    On the smartphone side, the 4.8-inch Galaxy K runs Android Kit Kat and has LTE connectivity, which means you can upload and share your snaps on Vodacom’s fast LTE network. It also has 2GB RAM and 8GB onboard storage which can be expanded up to 64GB.

    If you’re a more serious smartphone photographer than most and are looking for optical zoom on your smartphone, then the Galaxy K is just the phone for you.