Business tech
    09 May 2017


    Samsung Galaxy S8 for business

    Ultimate productivity on the go with Samsung's latest flagship device.

    Ultimate productivity on the go with Samsung's latest flagship device.

    The Galaxy S8 is here, and it makes a strong argument for a place not only in your hands and pockets, but on your desk throughout the working day. 

    The Galaxy S8 features a stunning new industrial design that builds on the beautiful dual-curved display of their predecessor, and yet simultaneously, look unlike any smartphone produced by Samsung. The 5.8inch AMOLED display on theSamsung Galaxy S8bleeds to the very edge of the chassis, leaving just a hairline bezel, and ensuring the physical footprint of the device remains manageable despite the phablet-esque size of the screen.

    Here are eight reasons to consider the Samsung S8 for your business environment this year:

    Display and form factor: Samsung has 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch displays in the S8 and S8 Plus. Samsung went with a longer display and updated aspect ratio to give you more usable display in a smaller form factor.

    Knox security suite: Samsung Knox has been designed to provide enterprise mobile security solutions, and Samsung has spent a lot of time and money to provide this secure element for its flagship smartphones.

    Handheld security: With the Galaxy S8, you can set it up to unlock via facial recognition, iris scanning, fingerprint, pattern, PIN, or a password. There is simply no excuse not to lock your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, ensuring safety and peace of mind should you ever ‘misplace’ it.

    DeX support: People use their smartphones for everything today and with Samsung DeX, users now have the option to leave the laptop behind, by connecting their smartphone to a monitor and using it in place of a desktop computer. Samsung's DeX dock and technology have found a simple way to improve your productivity while continuing to remain safe and secure on a Galaxy S8 smartphone.

    Virtual reality: Samsung continues to improve its virtual reality experience with a handheld controller now included with the Gear VR. While VR can be used for games or media viewing, there are also enterprise reasons for VR. These include presenting virtual walkthroughs of engineering designs, medical procedure reviews, and interactive presentations.

    Gorilla Glass 5: The latest glass technology from Corning is Gorilla Glass 5, and it is found on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. This glass solution is designed to survive typical drops, so the use of two glass panels may not be as big of a concern as you might think.

    Bixby intelligence: There is a lot of potential in Samsung Bixby as it looks to improve the efficiency and productivity of the user. Unfortunately, Bixby's voice assistant won't be ready at launch so we will only get a glimpse of the Bixby service with a home screen panel similar to Google Now. With a dedicated button on the Galaxy S8, Samsung is committed to making Bixby all it promises to be and it will be interesting to see the full service once it is operational. 

    Water resistance: After Sony, Samsung worked hard to make all of its devices water resistant. It continues this with IP68 rating on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.


    The Samsung Galaxy S8 uses the newest mobile processor, has plenty of RAM and storage, and continues to include a fantastic camera. When you look at the expanding Samsung ecosystem and plan for seamless connectivity, then you can understand that Samsung, like Apple, is creating an upgrade path for those who prefer Android over iOS.