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Samsung is saying that the new Galaxy Tab S, announced on 12 June, is the most advanced tablet the South Korean electronics manufacturer has ever made. Tech analysts are saying that this is Samsung’s answer to the iPad Mini 2 and the powerful iPad Air. Samsung fans are saying: “When can we get our hands on one?”

Both the 10.5-inch and the 8.4-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy S tablet run on Android KitKat and feature Samsung’s magnificent Super AMOLED screens, which is the big selling point for this range. The last time that Samsung put a Super AMOLED on a tablet was in 2012 with the much smaller Galaxy Tab 7.7. The Galaxy S tabs are also super-slim at only 6.6mm thick; only Sony's Xperia Z2 tablet is skinnier at 6.4mm. 

Both tablets run on Samsung’s snappy Exynos 5 processor, and come with 16GB and 32GB of storage depending on the model. Not much fuss was made over the cameras, which are 8MP rear-facing and 2.1MP forward-facing respectively. The fingerprint reader introduced with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is also included. 

This is the first time that Samsung has attached the ‘S’ tag to one of its tablets, previously only seen on its smartphone range. Pricing and availability in South Africa are yet to be announced.

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